It’s Time…

To start thinking about apple pie…

Mary-Louise Parker Apple Pie

That would be an interesting outfit to serve dessert on Thanksgiving…

Surgeon General

WTF is there an Ebola Czar?

Seattle Socialist Group Pushing $20/hr Min. Wage Offers $13/hr for Web Developer

Seattle Socialist Group Pushing $20/hr Min. Wage Offers $13/hr for Web Developer.

Too funny.

Do they even stop to think?

I hate cruise ships

Mexico bans cruise ship with Texas passenger under Ebola watch – LA Times.

I have to admit I’ve never been on a cruise, but the news from those ships is never good.

A couple of good videos

They both made me laugh:

It’s Not About The Nail from Republic Content on Vimeo.


This one is quite amusing about negotiating. If you can remove emotion, you’ll get a lot farther toward your goals. The emotion thing has to be on both sides to work.

White Lesbian Sues Sperm Bank After Having Black Baby

The post title says everything, eh?


My Sister Is Pregnant and We Don’t Know Which of My Brothers is the Father

Via InstapunditThe Other McCain.

Twelve Words

Just a reblog from David Thompson: Twelve Words.

I’m doing this just so I can use his tag for this post.

Lewis & Clark

The Deuce won’t be going there.

From Sailer

Sailer is a national treasure. He deserves a much wider readership. A small sample:

How can the New York Times and the Obama Administration do their job of telling you what to think about this Defining Event of our Times when the local cops are free to release a security camera video on the Internet for the whole world to view? It’s just not fair: the Obama / Media Industrial Complex has all these highly expensive methods and minions for the engineering of human souls; yet a few wreckers at the local police force can undermine all that power and prestige just by posting evidence on Youtube.

Go read the whole thing. Go spend hours over there. Very enjoyable stuff. The comments are often great too.