Fairytale of New York

Love this:

Christmas Music

My associate has been playing Christmas music the last few days.

I’ve already heard enough to last the season.

Especially The Little Drummer Boy.

Year End

Things are slow around the office. We opened a new showroom back at Labor Day weekend. Although I’ve been with this outfit for over 5 years. Opening this new showroom has almost been like starting a new business. We are building a pipeline of new construction that will be more than satisfactory, but it might be a year before we get a deposit on one of the jobs we’ve seen so far.

My associate has started an instagram account for the showroom. I find all of the hyperventilating about social media to be complete nonsense. Not one of my deals has come to me from social media. They have all come from personal contact. It takes time and is difficult to build the types of relationships that result in sales in the high end kitchen business. Instagram is to me nothing more than a vanity platform.

I would like it quite a bit if we could get a remodel to walk in here really soon. We could use a job that wants to get started now.

These Two are Married

Two people fighting over bus window in a seemingly endless loop from r/PublicFreakout

Change my mind.

This is fun

I can deal like this. Really.


The Weight

I have loved The Band and this song for over 40 years. Yes, I know the song is over 50 years old. I was late to the party. I’ve gone through periods where I was on the side of Levon Helm and periods where I’ve just enjoyed the music and realized that people and their relationships with each other are complex.

This video is cool. Most of the videos in this style are enjoyable, but I gotta tell you that I think the version from The Band’s The Last Waltz with The Staples is probably my favorite:


The Z Man: Monsters and Heroes

I often read the Z Man and also listen to his weekly podcast. He’s a whole big wad of crime think:

Again, this is not some mysterious thing that is just coming to light. It has been happening for a long time now. Here we have Silicon Valley trying to bully British media outlets to not interview Farage. Here we have a former Google exec explaining how his former employer interferes in elections. What’s happening with these tech oligopolies is not some great puzzle that has just coming to light. The monster that is savaging the people is well known, yet the king does nothing to defend his people.

Source: The Z Man

Do, of course, go read the whole thing. Spend some time over there he’s an excellent writer and thinker.

In the running for worst parents ever.

That’s the parents running off stage to the right.

The little girl is fine.

Is Bruce Hay the Most Gullible Man in Cambridge?

Bruce Hay is certainly the biggest dumbass in Cambridge.

That link will take you to an unbelievable story. To think a professor at Harvard Law School could be so foolish is really surprising. Do go read the whole thing.


I thought I could reason with Antonin Scalia: A more naive young fool never drew breath.

The second part of that sentence is certainly true. If you go read this second link, this loser, who clerked for Scalia, is pissing on Scalia’s grave about trannies two weeks after Scalia died. While being scammed by the tranny in the first link! I would wager that a large part of why he got his Harvard professorship was because of the clerk position. He’s ungrateful too.

Boeing’s 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Engineers – Bloomberg

Boeing’s 737 Max Software Outsourced to $9-an-Hour Hindu Engineers

Probably the most politically incorrect thing I’ve posted to date, but that society is famous for short cuts. I would think that Boeing management would actually know better.

This is at its heart an H1-B visa thing too.

The H1-B visa program is the most corrupt government program there is currently.

It’s as if there is Aircraft Software rotting in the fields near Seattle and we need to have Hindu immigrants to fix the problem.