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I’ll really start back up this time

Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

When I dropped off of blogging last summer, it was because of self censorship. I was interviewing to be the CEO of the US operations of a German company that has Chinese ownership.

I wanted the job. It would nice to be working again and have a salary and benefits. But I’ll also admit that I feel somewhat like a coward because I didn’t just keep on blogging. I went so far as to password protect the blog. I was afraid I wouldn’t get the job because my writing my be considered anti-China. If my writing is anything it might be anti-CCP, but not the Chinese people.

I’ve had to fix the blog. Some of the formatting was lost. Pictures were laying on their side. Some of the menus and plugins were failing. The whole thing was a mess. I’m running a really simple theme. Someday I’ll make it look prettier again. But really the whole purpose of this is to write. And write some more.

Now I’ll be running the risk of being found out over my Covid skepticism, my belief that the election of 2020 was a complete scam, and that I don’t sufficiently hate Putin.

On that last point it is my belief that much of the blame for the mess in the Ukraine falls at the feet of the US Goverment.

Day 1 of House Re-Arrest

Friday, June 26th, 2020

I have to admit to a great deal of despair over the retreat on the virus crap. My economic life is centered around talking to people. We are moving in the wrong direction if I’m ever to have a chance of working.

I should be posting a lot of links.

I should do more than complain about pussies like Governor Abbott. I should do more than commit to voting for his opponent even if she’s a communist that has a penis.

But I’m just angry. I’ll get over this soon and will start posting more info.

Start of a new count?

Friday, June 26th, 2020

I was gone for a few days on a road trip. I’ll put up a post on that sometime soon. I guess that with Gov. Abbott closing the bars again today that I’ll start the count over. Today will be Day 1 of House Re-Arrest.

Back from my trip

Friday, June 26th, 2020

I come back to this: Governor Abbott Orders Bars to Close.

I will actively campaign for Abbott’s next opponent. This is ridiculous.

We have the worst political class ever. I know that the way the media report the news is in order to drive fear and hysteria, but the governor should be above this. It’s a virus. Some people get sick. Don’t shift the liability! Let the virus spread. Let herd immunity happen. Protect the vulnerable. Shutting down commerce is no way to control a public health problem. The wealth created by economic activity is what will allow all of us to deal with the Wuhan Virus.

The Next Couple of Weeks

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

Posting will be light. I’m going out on the road and will have limited access to the internet.

So… maybe I should start a new count?

Day 93 of the Kung Flu Lockdown

Sunday, June 14th, 2020

I didn’t number yesterday’s post about the chink flu pandemic. My apologies.

Today’s post is about the religion of social justice.

Please read this post.

There is a video too.

Watch This

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

There’s a whole series of them.

You can hopefully see why I don’t trust anything we are told.

Day 91 of The Great Pandemic of 2020

Saturday, June 13th, 2020

This post is late. This happens when you work around the house all day and then have a couple of drinks with a lateish dinner.

The election season is going to be interesting.

I think it will be Trump by a wide margin. Unless the Dems find a replacement for Biden. I would like to point you to this previous post of mine: Biden on His Aneurysm. If that Joe Biden were in the race, Trump might be in trouble. But that video is 7 years old and that Biden doesn’t exist anymore. I think it is horrible that the Dems are running Bernie (and no… not Bernie Sanders) for President.

Also was pointed at this article about nursing home death data by the No Agenda Podcast. Another point in the series of points we have all come across where the data is wrong. Nobody knows anything.

Had my drinks at Milo’s. No body there seems very concerned about the virus. Where we had dinner Thursday night there were way too many people that were overly concerned about the virus. The difference in atmosphere between the two places is stark.

Day 90 of the Wu Flu Hysteria

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

We went out for dinner. While the food was good, the place wasn’t even pretending that they want to be open beyond their obligation for not paying back their PPP loan.

Things are going to be effed up for a while.

Day 89 of Mass Hysteria on Two Fronts Now

Wednesday, June 10th, 2020

Yes… we are living through two mass hysteria events at this time.

I really can’t stand the media in all of its forms and coalitions. Someone says something stupid on the left and the usual suspects on the right will come out and challenge that statement with more stupidity. Witness the controversy of the National Anthem at sportsball events.

Hot Air, while jumping in predictably on the side of current tradition and serving as the foil for the dipshit at Touchdown Wire (all part of the business model for both outlets), does get this half right. The knucklehead quoted over there talks about the need to stop playing the anthem at games because TIMES HAVE CHANGED!!!!!. What crap. The part Hot Air gets correct is that the players themselves now like the Anthem before the game as it gives them a stage upon which to signal their virtue.

But what Hot Air gets wrong is that playing the Anthem before a stupid sportsball game trivializes the Anthem. Those games, while entertaining, are unimportant. I have long held this position. I’m a veteran. I’m also the guy that started the STARS! yell during the national anthem at Dallas Stars games back in their first season here in Dallas.

Save playing the anthem for important events. Like a veteran’s funeral. Or the inauguration of a President. Don’t play it every Friday night before a HS sportsball game.

I will also point out this quote from the Touchdown Wire post:

And a case that has seen four Minneapolis police officers charged in the alleged murder of George Floyd has sparked peaceful protests in pursuit of change that has brought together people young, old and of all races. A multicultural revolution.

My bold… It is as though people in the media think that if they repeat the phrase “peaceful protest” often enough that I will no longer believe what I’m seeing with my own eyes. The disdain they have for their audience is amazing. Using the phrase “peaceful protest” in that post makes me think that everything else there is wrong too. Including all names and dates.