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Missouri football players to boycott until president Tim Wolfe resigns

Tim Wolfe’s response to a series of racist incidents has been considered inadequate.

USA Today

If I were the president of the University of Missouri, I would take this opportunity to put the athletic department of a public institution in its proper place.

The Tigers would become a Div. III athletic department by tomorrow morning. There would be no scholarship athletes on my campus.

So we now know one of many reasons I’m not the president of Mizzou…

Jury Finds for 12-Year-Old In Closely Watched Hugging Case

If the phrase “reasonable eight-year-old” strikes you as an oxymoron, you’ve probably hit on the reason why most people seem to think this case is ridiculous.

Lowering the Bar

Go read the whole thing. It is quite funny.

I bet she won’t be invited to Thanksgiving Dinner.

New Data Reveals Stark Gaps in Graduation Rates Between Poor and Wealthy Students

At the University of Missouri-Kansas City, only 35 percent of Pell Grant recipients graduate college, a rate that is more than 20 percentage points lower than that of their wealthier peers.

Why is anyone surprised by that?

I think, for you thinkers out there, that this is just another example of Reynold’s Law in action.

Ole Miss wins a big one!

The Rebels hand it to Alabama in Tuscaloosa 43-37. A big win. As is usual with an Alabama loss, there is always someone with some wit:

Roll TideThe Deuce goes to Ole Miss. I bet he had fun last night.


That is exactly why I was watching this video!

Those pieces fell out this afternoon while cleaning my gun. If you have a Mossberg 500 and need to take it apart for cleaning, watch the whole thing.

Women should dress modestly or expect to ‘entice a rapist’

I call bullshit:

She discloses in a new memoir how she was abducted and sexually assaulted by a motorcycle gang in Ohio in the early 1970s – but concludes it was “all my doing” because of the way she was dressed and the fact that she was under the influence of drugs.

Women should dress modestly or expect to ‘entice a rapist’ – claims singer Chrissie Hynde – Telegraph

This seems awfully convenient. Just a little spice to sell some books?

I’ve followed The Pretenders since the late 70″s and I’ve never heard this story before.

The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy

This is an important follow on to the Codevilla piece below. Again, many of you have read this. For some it is just another spot on the internet where you can find it. Please pass it along.

Gonzalo Lira: The Coming Middle-Class Anarchy. A sample:

However, three months later, out of the blue, they got a letter from their bank, Wells Fargo: It said that, after further review, Brian and Ilsa had in fact not qualified for HAMP. Therefore, their mortgage would go back to the old rate. Not only that, they now owed the difference for the three months when they had paid the lowered mortgage—and to add insult to injury, they were assessed a “penalty for non-payment”.

Really go read the whole thing. And all of the addenda.

I’ve saved the posts here in a small effort to make certain this story stays alive.

The Ruling Class 

They vote Democrat more consistently than those who live on any of America’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Streets.

Angelo M. Codevilla

This is an important essay. I’ve posted a .pdf here. It is my small part to make sure this stays available. Many of you have read this. Please pass the link along to your friends.

Women less likely than men to travel back in time and kill Hitler

It must be true, it’s on the internet.

This is somewhat hard to believe…

And amusing…

While perusing through the web site of a recreational vehicle manufacturer, I found a page where you could tell the manufacturer about how you might use their product. The manufacturer would then tell you which of their models be suited your intended uses. There were several criteria, and within each criterion, was a choice similar to soft, medium or hard.

I made my choices.

Here is what the manufacturer recommends from their product line:

Shopping Results

I find that baffling. How in the world did the web site fail to recommend a choice?

Someone should be fired.