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Tangled Up In Blue

I was off in another corner of the internet, reading the comments section of The Volunteer Auxiliary Thought Police, where it was pointed out that the lyrics to Bob Dylan’s Tangled Up In Blue are not “split up on the docks that night…” but are actually “split up on a dark sad night…”

And, since this is the internet, there is a word for this phenomena: Mondegreen.

I Would Rather Give My Billions To Elon Musk Than Charity

Larry Page. Heh…

Open Tabs

What has caught my attention today. Credit for finding many of these links goes to those over in my blog roll.

I found this blog on US Intelligence efforts. It is written by a real insider. You never really know though do you? On the internet no one knows you’re a dog. He could have just faked that biography.

I have to admit to watching House of Cards on Netflix, but I’m torn about whether or not it’s a show worth watching. I don’t like it because all of the characters are awful people. Even Rachel. But this post by David Boaz over at Cato at Liberty about lobbying for tax credits in Maryland that the production team of House of Cards “requires” to be profitable, illustrates why the show is, on the other hand, so great. A quote:

But it’s hard to beat Frank Underwood.

Do go read the whole post.

The Instapundit, I think, pointed me at the next three.

Get rid of homophobia, misogyny, etc. from gaming…. The comments, are, if you have a certain sensibility, funny…

The LA police say all cars are under investigation. Instapundit and Radley Balko have both made me aware of the problems with police and prosecutors around the country. Our prosecutor here in Dallas is no peach…

This one from Virginia Postrel is almost a year and one-half old, but still relevant.

Bird Dog at Maggie’s Farm asks the question; How Many Types of Orgasm can a Woman Really Have? Important stuff to know, no doubt.

I’ve also spent a bunch of time today trying to figure out how to build something like this in my back yard. Someday…



It’s All Right Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

I have this song on the stereo right now, it’s sort of a left over from yesterday’s post on the anniversary of the release of Bringing It All Back Home. Dylan was 23 years old when he recorded this song!

From You Tube:

It’s a live recording, it probably won’t stay up long.

Nashville Fridays: Songs From My Couch

Radley Balko has Katie Robertson sing for him:

It’s part of his Songs From My Couch series. There are several more videos of Katie at the link above.

Bringing It All Back Home: Released Today in 1965

Gerard reminds us that today is the 49th anniversary of the release of  Bob Dylan’s Bringing It All Back Home.

He also has a great little story about a Cowboy and a Cop: Horseman Passing By. Go read it.

Since I’m home alone this afternoon, I’ll probably be listening to quite of bit of Dylan. The guy has an amazing catalog, which is almost pointless to say, I know. But I’ve found that each listen provides additional reward. I am also pleased to report that my listening has produced a Dylan fan in the Ace.

I bet she drives her college roommates crazy with listening to Dylan.

Finally, an app for Misanthropes like me…

Want to Avoid People? There’s An App for That.

It’s not all that great though, as you’ll have to let someone know where you are, which is problematic, because people can’t be trusted..

It’s not a garden party until someone asks you to invest in their startup.

Unhappy Hipsters.

David Thompson Again

Go read Their Might Brains Will Save Us. A small, and to me, deliciously funny quote:

Fred McConnell, 27, is the sole male in a group of ten and tells us that, “After university I headed to Afghanistan to produce multimedia for a skateboard charity.” As one does.

The comment section of David’s blog is always good. There are some witty people that make regular appearances.

And as to Fred; why is there such a thing as a skateboard charity? There are a lot of things that are fishy about Fred and his story. The original article that David points to can be found here.

Friday Ephemera

Friday Ephemera. From David Thompson.

He’s over there in my linkroll.