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A twenty two pound house cat, I’m sure, could do a little damage while you strangled it to death, but really? Would you call 911?

“We aren’t safe around the cat,” Palmer told the emergency dispatcher in audio (embedded below) obtained by the Oregonian, which contained several statements like, “We’re trapped in the bedroom, he won’t let us out of our door,” and “He’s very, very, very, very hostile.”

From the LA Times: LA Times. Via Maggie’s Farm.

NY lawmaker: Parents should take parenting classes

Fucking crazy talk:

If parents don’t go, 6th graders won’t move onto 7th grade.

NY lawmaker: Parents should take parenting classes.

Postmodern Jukebox

Sipp pointed this out to me:

It is very popular, but the Postmodern Jukebox youtube channel is very cool. Lots of good music there.

Puddles Pity Party is an interesting act.

Sacrificing Virgins to the Entertainment Gods

I don’t understand the pass the Woody Allen and Roman Polanski get in the media.

I am quite certain that if I were guilty of those crimes, all my friends would no longer have a thing to do with me and I would be locked up for life in a prison cell. But then, I haven’t made Annie Hall.

Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-Wife Pulled a Gun Out of Her Vagina During an Argument About Aliens

Is that the best headline ever, or what?

Jeju Sex Park

Those wacky South Koreans!

It’s a sculpture garden.

Picture beneath the fold: Continue reading ‘Jeju Sex Park’

Chinese boyfriend jumped to his death after girlfriend insisted on going into another clothes shop

I once had the same thoughts. I was dragged out shopping by an old girlfriend on the most beautiful of days. We spent the entire day inside a mall. The worst part was that she said she just had to run in and pick a few things up. Hours later we were still there!

Mary, I know you are out there somewhere.

She is the ex-girlfriend.

Circus Posters Removed

After a complaint from a woman that fears clowns.

When I come across stuff like this, I realize I don’t have an imagination that can outpace reality.

Burning Man

Lots of photos here.

I don’t know… Maybe if I was 25 I might find that sort of thing interesting. Nowadays, I’m much more interested in getting away from people while on vacation.

I also think that if you’re a guy, you’d better bring a date. I don’t think your going to find attractive unattached women at Burning Man.

Our One Party Government

I’ve often told my partisan friends, you know what I’m talking about, the ardent Republicans and Democrats, that we have a system of one party government here in the U.S.

This lead up to taking action against Syria should leave you with no doubt that we have a one party government. The R’s and D’s are just factions within that one party.