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Some very cool photos.

Bridal Lingerie Trends 2014

Important stuff to know.

A sample:

Bridal Lingerie

There are about 24 more pictures like that at the link.

Just sayin’…

Monument Valley



We were supposed to take a family vacation there a year or two ago. The fact that we didn’t is probably my fault.

HT: Gerard


All women of a certain age need to see this:

Old Tattoos

The body of a woman needs no adornment. All these young ladies with their fashionable tattoos, will some day look like this fat ol’ broad. That they can’t see that this is their future amazes me. Again, if you ever meet a young lady contemplating tattoos, show her this picture.

Photographer’s Girlfriend Leads Him

Check it out:

girlfriend leads

There is a whole series of photos.

Update: When I was in Red Square in 1980, GUM was not lit up like that. In fact, at night if you visited Red Square, you almost had the place to yourself. I’m sure there were cops keeping an eye on me, it was, after all, the height of the Brezhnev era, but they kept their distance.


Going through this photo collection at Slate, reminded me of this post which provided a link to this collection of photos.


You can get to the Slate post just by clicking on the photo.

Check out those eyes




Click on the photo for more pics of the young lady.

Go check this out

Really, you need to click here: Wilma Hurskainen.

Just one sample:


Lots more, with an explanation.

Scouts and Guns

Old Picture of the Day: Scouts and Guns.


From the post:

I don’t know about the summer camp you went to, but mine definitely did not have a 50 Cal BMG at the shooting range, although I think it is a great idea. Nothing would rejuvenate interest in Scouting like some automatic weapons at the shooting range!

I got the pleasure of sending about 10 rounds of 50 cal downrange while in the Marines. It was very cool. That gun is amazing. The sound that thing makes ranks with the sound of Ducatis and V8’s.

That blog is well worth checking out.

A few pics of our trip to Florida…

Not certain that everybody will like to see themselves on line, but here we go:

This is Larry.  He’s choosing between fried oysters, fried shrimp or a cheeseburger.  I think the cheeseburger won.

This is the Ace and her cousin.  They don’t look related, do they?

This is my niece and She Who Must Be Obeyed.  SWMBO won’t like the picture.  They were amused by the free watermelon sign.  You could get a hold of someone though if you wanted to make a donation.  Small town.

The Deuce shooting pool.  He’s fourteen and in a bar shooting pool.  The difference between him and me is that my parents owned the bar!

The three oldsters watching the youngsters play pool.  The kids were awful!  I need to get them out to the bars more often.  It was painful to watch.  To think I have teenagers that are that bad at eight ball, it is downright scandalous.

We saw the Tennessee Firearms, a blue grass band, in another bar on another afternoon.  Lots of bars in beach towns in Florida.  Which I believe to be a good thing.  This particular joint was right across the street from the house we rented.