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Day 66 of the Wuhan Flu Apocalypse House Arrest

Check this article out for a wonderful example of unintended consequences: Surrogate-Born Babies Wait In Ukraine Amid Coronavirus Travel Restrictions.

I also find it surprising that there is an industry for surrogate mothers in the Ukraine. Weird.

Another very reasonable guy with a minority opinion that was deleted from Youtube. What is up with that company? What is up with Google? Censorship of minority but still reasonable opinion is a very bad direction to head.

I am very afraid that Sports won’t start on time in the fall. It all sort of makes my heart race when I think about it. So much of the White Rock household is tied to entertainment that we will be screwed if sportsball isn’t allowed to resume.

Day 61 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

Drove back from the beach.

Saw this while the Deuce was driving.

If I’m going to step out and make a prediction about future changes due to this current pandemic bullshit, here is mine: That post by the Lion couldn’t be more wrong.

And yes… I’m still a day behind. I’ll catch up and get on target later today.

I notice that Kling gave up yesterday. He’s been posting a lot. He’s apparently even more frustrated than I am.

Day 35 of the Wu Flu House Arrest

Missed a day again.

Dallas County demands we wear masks. Clay Jenkins is going to get me out to vote for the first time in years. I’ll be voting for his opponent.

Season 6 of Bosch has started. We watched an episode last night.

The Deuce returned from Oxford last night. SWMBO is reporting that her facebook account has been hacked. Hmmm…

Progress continues on the Fermentorium.

And there is always something that will make you smile in Powerline’s Week in Pictures. I do wonder if the stuff they post is all old hat to people that use facebook?

Easter Sunday, Day 30 of the Wu Flu Lockdown

I’m putting the post up a day late.

We violated our social distancing orders by having the Ace and her man thing over for dinner. They came early so we had a couple of drinks out by the pool too.

The menu was roast beast with veggies and potatoes. Turned out very good.

The dinner conversation was lively.

It was nice night.

From the web (via the great Craig Newmark), Bullshit Numbers:

The death rates are bullshit. In a given country, there is considerable subjectivity regarding how deaths are qualified. The Great Scarfini* (Dr. Deborah Birx) pretty much let that cat out of the bag when she acknowledged that not only are the decedents who test positive (regardless of other co-morbidities) declared as covid-19 deaths, but those who have some colorable connection to covid-19 (clinical presentation, exposure to someone who tested positive) are declared to be covid-19 deaths.

It goes on from there and is a very good, much better than I could ever do, explanation of what I’ve been thinking. We are ruining my son’s life in order that I don’t inherit my parents estate until a few months later than otherwise might have happened. That is a very cruel and crude way to put things. But it is the truth of the situation we find ourselves in today.

Day 24 of the Wu Flu Lockdown, Post B

The tests return false positives: Manufactured Pandemic. (Courtesy of No Agenda podcast)

The Ventilators kill people: 86% die at a later date. (Courtesy of Phillip Greenspun)

I promised these links last night.

We are doomed. The people nominally in charge of our institutions are fools.


Day 24 of the Bat Soup Flu Apocalypse

I find this very scary. Here is Bill Gates building demand for the vaccine he is making:

It is scary because this is part of his effort to build demand for his vaccine, he’s lobbying to keep many businesses shut down. He wants more of us to demand the federal government purchase and disburse his medicines. He’s trying to get us lowly plebes to do his marketing and sales for him. You can tell he’s talking his book as he says schools can reopen, but mass gatherings (sporting events, concerts, etc.) should not.

A lot of my personal well being and economic health are tied into mass gatherings.

I know there will be pushback from many other corners of the economy, but Gates will have the media on his side.

Day 20 of the Bat Flu Soup Pandemic Lock Down

It is SWMBO’s birthday. She’s getting some tenderloin and home made bread. (I do have some yeast. Probably my best advance purchase! But I’ve had it for at least a year.)

Her present is spending the past 20 days with me. What could be better?

My current China Flu projections:

The next version of iOS/Android will have a pandemic tracking app built in. You won’t get to delete it either.

Cash will be done away with. It’s too dirty, will be the excuse. Allows for better tracking too.

We will only watch football on TV this fall. No one will be in the stadiums. At the moment I am worried about the entire 2020 Baseball season. I am very worried about the resumption of Basketball and Hockey. I’m not heavily invested in being a sportsball fan (I do love a good hockey game with my beer), but I do think we will not get back to life as normal until the arenas have 20,000 people in them again.


Wuhan Bat Soup Flu Apocalypse Day 18, Part III

All models are wrong. Some models are useful.

I’ve heard this pithy little quip on the No Agenda podcast and read it on Instapundit. It must be true.

And… It fits my priors of models, data, and, statistics.

Day 18 of the Wuhan Bat Soup Flu Lockdown

Today marks the end of my employment with the German cabinet company. They have taken the opportunity presented by this mess to tell me they have eliminated my position. I find it an odd choice to let me go. I do understand the economics and don’t really hold a grudge, but is strange. There were two of us in the showroom. Me and my associate who was outside sales and marketing. He’s good at that. Very good. But he doesn’t know a drawer from a door. He can’t draw a kitchen. He can’t order a kitchen. He can’t supervise the installation of a kitchen.

In short, if you were to pick one of us to remain on staff, I think most people would pick me.

I also had five years of seniority on him. But seniority seems to be more of a handicap these days than an asset.

So… the geniuses that run my little outfit are going to staff a brand new showroom with some guy that doesn’t know anything about the company, the product, or the technical aspects of the work.

Good luck!

Day 17 of the Bat Flu Soup Pandemic Lock Down, Post III

I would like to remind people that the government has no authority over healthy people.