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The Clinton Foundation Scandal

While the obvious bribery of the former Secretary of State will be her undoing as a presidential candidate, this really is the bigger scandal: The Clinton Foundation is nothing more than a money laundering operation.

Take a look at this graphic:


The Ace and I were talking about just this sort of thing last night. I had received an e-mail solicitation from a company I’ve done business with in the past to contribute toward earthquake relief in Nepal. I would never funnel my charitable contributions through a third party, I would send my money directly to the charity of my choice. Look at that chart to see why.

How to live near the water without spending a million (or more)

Scott Burns: How to live near the water without spending a million.

Scott Burns is down in Florida again. He does this trip every so often and writes about manufactured (read “trailer”) homes. He is correct about the cost advantages. I am tempted to get in the car and go see the parks he mentions for myself. I know I can do with less space. Particularly if I could have a boat in the water within walking distance of my front door.

I have long dreamed of taking my design experience into the world of manufactured homes. When you look at the property that is available in Florida for manufactured homes, it is clear to me that there is a market for a luxury product. I don’t mean luxury as the current manufacturers define it. I mean luxury with a trailer full of premium brand names.

I’m confident people would pay for it.

I’m also baffled (well not really, as there are many reasons) at why we all don’t live in manufactured homes. I am probably not the guy to break through all the resistance to manufactured housing, but I would sure like to go to work for him.

Discrimination at Infosys? I’m shocked…

Via Instapundit: Woman sues over discrimination at Infosys.

My only doubt about the claims the article says the woman is making in her suit against Infosys is that she was hired in the first place. It must have been some sort of mistake on the part of that whole H-1B fraud.

Tuft & Needle

These guys claim to have the #1 rated bed on Amazon: The Tuft & Needle Bed.

SWMBO keeps talking about a new mattress. This might be the way to go.

They have created a business model that makes sense and appeals to me.

The Lean In Collection

All I have to say is that almost all social science papers, today anyway, have the same weaknesses:

Nearly all the research she cites has been produced by social scientists who were drawn to their trade to fight what they saw as the insidious and often violent exploitation of women in this country. They have joined like-minded social scientists to design experiments that, for reasons of convenience and expense, are forced to rely on college students, who have learned in their social science classes that the oppression of women is insidious and often violent. The experiments always yield positive results. The findings are fashioned into papers. These are published in journals that, as a guard against bias and a guarantor of methodological soundness, are reviewed by a panel of peers who went into social science to fight the insidious and often violent exploitation of women. The data are clear: The exploitation of women is insidious and often violent. It’s pretty much settled science by now.

From an Andrew Ferguson piece on the new Lean In Collection: Brave New Stereotypes | The Weekly Standard.

Sippican Cottage

The guy knows what he’s talking about:

Everyone that knew what they were doing are all gone, driven out in a tide of superfluousness, and we’re going to have to do it ourselves if we want it done at all. I can tell you that “the experts” in these matters don’t know squat about what makes a pleasant place to live in. The “experts” built UMASS Dartmouth, and teach there. By the mark of that beast you should know them. You’ve been told  that building and repairing a house is an arcane, complicated business left to professionals. You’re warned never to try anything substantial to repair your house. They tell you to change out the kitchen counters and the tile like they’re underwear, spending the same money over and over again, but the rest of the house is as complicated as the building code is. No it’s not. In my experience, if it’s in your house, and it’s fussy or complicated, it’s bad and you don’t want it. A good house is simpler than a bad house, and that rule of thumb gets truer every day.

via Sippican Cottage.

The list of partners of the firm that is trying to get municipalities to use Eminent Domain to foreclose on underwater mortgages. This firm of course would make a bunch of money in fees issuing new mortgages to the homeowners that are to “benefit” from this policy.

This is a terrible thing for venture capital types to be engaged in. There is no value creation with this idea. This firm is just trying to “steal” wealth/value from the current mortgage holders to themselves. This is to be done under the color of helping the existing homeowners that are underwater in their mortgages.

What does this say to all of us that are paying our mortgages? That we are just suckers?

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Just When You Think All The Good Ideas Are Taken

Comes this: Wearable Smart Vibrator @ Indiegogo. They have raised just shy of 300% of their goal.

Also, there is this company: Pleygo. Netflix for Legos.


I need to fix myself a drink and come up with a really crazy good idea. Then put it up on Indiegogo or Kickstarter.


We drank a bunch of Leinenkugel’s in Hayward. Lot’s of it. The interesting thing is we can get their goofy flavored beer in Dallas. We don’t get the regular Leinies.

From the link below:

They’ve introduced seasonal flavors for some reason. But it’s best to stick to the original, which is a beer you drink on the shore of a lake.

A Continuous Lean on Leinies.

A Continuous Lean is a pretty cool web site.

I have to say I’m not terribly surprised

I have a Google alert set up on my former employer. I have it set up mostly out of curiosity over what is going on in Mauritius with ISITECH Business School (where I was employed), now know as Oceana International Business School.

I was notified of this article just a few hours ago: Hindustan Times: Duped Students Threatened, Bullied in Mauritius. And this one: Indian students in refund stand-off with Mauritius college.

From the second article:

Oceana IBS Mauritius has an office in Hyderabad.

Manu Dass, an institute representative who spoke to The Hindu, refuted the allegations by the students. He claimed that when MQA permission for the ‘Level 2 Culinary Arts’ course was not obtained, the college had offered ‘Level 4 Travel and Tourism’ along with ‘Level 2 Food Production’ and this was accepted by the students, including Wahid. He was, however, evasive when asked if the other students would get refunds.

I know Manu. I don’t find it hard to believe that others considered him evasive. I believe that sort of behavior is ingrained completely in his personality.

Also from the second article:

“The college has cheated us without offering the courses promised in the offer letters. We were forced to study a course thrust upon us and work without any pay in the name of internship,” alleged Antosheen Raju Philip, who hails from Kerala. He is one of the 19 students still stuck in Mauritius,

I feel for Mr. Philip’s plight, the school owes me money too.

I’ve never posted about the school I worked for in the past as I always thought I might actually get paid the balance owed. I’ve always held out hope that things would turn around there, for both the students and my former coworkers. I don’t think this is going to happen at this point in time.

I really wanted things to work out in Mauritius. I went there with the notion that I was going to build a school that was going to be awesome. It is a shame the operation was so poorly capitalized. It is a shame the ownership appears to have an ethical problem too.