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Wuhan Bat Soup Flu Apocalypse Day 18, Part III

All models are wrong. Some models are useful.

I’ve heard this pithy little quip on the No Agenda podcast and read it on Instapundit. It must be true.

And… It fits my priors of models, data, and, statistics.

Day 17 of the Bat Flu Soup Pandemic Lock Down, Post III

I would like to remind people that the government has no authority over healthy people.

Bat Soup Flu Apocalypse, Day 14

The interesting part of this catastrophe today is the definite split among people I think are rational and reasonable. I don’t agree with all that any individual says, but generally, up until today, I’ve found many people to be very rational and reasonable.

But now I have my doubts.

Steve Sailer has gone off the rails.

Greg Cochran is with Sailer.

google them on your own.

My only refuge, and think about this for yourselves, is how wrong the experts have been about everything before today. One day they’ll probably be correct. Today is not that day.

Chinese Bat Soup Flu Pandemic, Day 13 of the Apocalypse

Work continues, at 60% of the former pay rate.

I can’t wait to see the bonuses paid at the big banks this time next year.

Here is another contrarian: William H. Briggs, Statistician to the Stars!

My skepticism about the real danger posed by the Kung Flu has been shaped by guys like Briggs, Ioannidis, and Aaron Ginn (both linked below), years ago. (You’ll have to go elsewhere, such as ZeroHedge, to find the Ginn post as Medium took it down. Ginn suffers from the original sin of being a Romney staffer, so everything he says is an obvious lie according to our betters.)

Things are good in Cellblock H.

Going to be on a conference call with the head lackey for the Chinese ownership group tomorrow. The Germans never really tell you anything. Their management style is to have you in a very large dark room and to only light the exact spot where they want you to work. You are not to know anything about the other items and activities off in the shadows of that large room.

It’s a good thing that no one reads this blog. I can vent without getting fired.

Chinese Bat Soup Flu Apocalypse Day 12, Post II

I was notified today that I’m going to receive a 40% cut in pay.

This is my penance for not being a globalist.


As per the usual, there is a bail out for the banks and airlines working through Congress. It will suck for those of us that are actual productive taxpayers.

The banks and airlines will do fine. As will Boeing. This despite Boeing hiring shitty foreign based software people that effed up the 737 Max

Dinner in Cellblock H was nice.

Day 12 of the Wuhan Flu Apocalypse

The news this morning is that a $2 trillion aid package for the economy (no links, you don’t learn anything past the headlines) has passed through the Senate. I’m sure it will rapidly move through the house and Trump will quickly sign it into law.

I can’t wait to learn about all the stupid pork in the bill. This will no doubt be another anchor on the financial well being of my children.

The motherfuckers. We have the worst political class.

These rants go back years.

I just checked, I’m coming up on the 10th anniversary of the first post on this blog. Kind of funny. I’ve built an audience of just me over that time. I need to remember my prowess at building an audience on the internet when I start my podcast.

If I have time, I’ll dig around in my history about cronyism. There is a tag for it.

We all woke up healthy in Cellblock H.

Day 11 of the Bat Soup Flu lockdown

I was busy working today, so there isn’t much to post. I’ve been surprisingly busy. It comes in spurts. I seem so slow I’m worried about my job and then I don’t have enough time to get my work done.

There are a couple of funny videos floating around via text that I’ve not been able to get from the phone to the computer (I admit to not trying very hard).

In general, things are good in Cellblock H.

Wuhan Flu Apocalypse Day 10

I was asked by the COO of the company to add lines to a spreadsheet that detail how I spend my time. This idiot gentleman has years of phone bills, server records, cabinet shipments records, cabinet delivery records, installer invoices and payments, cost overruns, etc. He can model what we do with our time very easily. He can model how phone calls, for example, proceed and/or lag revenue for example. He can model all of this for his forecasting efforts. Instead he wants us to help him figure out the priority for layoffs.


The day otherwise went fine in Cellblock H.

Dallas County did order a shelter at home order yesterday. It reads mostly like a CYA type of document. It has no penalties in it should someone be caught disobeying. Weird. It runs from Midnight tonight until Midnight, April 3rd.

Day 9 Wuhan Flu Apocalypse Post Duece

The post by Aaron Ginn at Medium, linked below at the Day 8 Post, has been deleted from Medium.

So now we have to agree that the government is right. That the hysteria of the media is warranted and The Only True Version of Events!

The Ginn post has been moved over to Zero Hedge so you can still read it.

Removing an intelligently written post like Ginn’s that may have been completely wrong, but still reasonable, fuels my distrust of everyone in charge. I would like to reiterate that these people have been wrong about everything for years. Crushing dissent is not a good tactic.

The day went pretty well in Cellblock H.

Day 9 Wuhan Flu Apocalypse

Everything is fine here in Cellblock H

Found CJ Hopkins this morning. Excellent piece.

Adding the Cellblock H category and tag.