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Cabinet Detail

Here is the left side of a three drawer base cabinet that is designed to use the Blum Tandembox drawer system.

Does this mean anything to you?  Are you at all intrigued?

Please do let me know, I am willing to share with you on how to build the best cabinets.  All you need is a table saw and some patience.

Back to Kitchen Cabinets

Another solid cabinet hardware manufacturer is Hettich.

They are direct competitors of both Blum and Grass.

They make severl types of drawer systems and they also have an incredible array of convenience items.  It appears though that Hettich hardware is difficult to find on line.  I spent a few minutes looking for it, but if I can’t find it immediately, I guess we’ll be forced to use Blum or Grass for our projects.  Stay in touch, because I am going to show you how to build your own kitchen cabinets using the finest materials.

Just an Awesome Place

While down in Florida, we managed to get in a side trip to the Indian Pass Raw Bar, simply one of my favorite restaurants. Below are my kids waiting outside for a table.

Yes that is my 13 year old holding a beer.  I guess I better claim that it is mine and that he was holding it while I took the photo.  Can’t have any zero tolerance people from school thinking he has been drinking.

Speaking of

Pictured below, on the left, will be the next house I rent in Grayton Beach.  Just need to get enough people to go in on it with us:

The house is called Abaco.  It can be found at Rivard of South Walton Vacation Rentals.

Yes, as you probably figured out, there is more than one place to search for vacation rentals.  In fact, while is great, if there is a property management company that dominates in the area you are interested in visiting, I do recommend going through them, even if you initially find the home on  With the property management company there is always someone available should you have a problem.  Not always the case with a remote home owner.

A view of the water

Fishing boats off Grayton Beach:

Oh, they’re there.  You just have to look hard.

Why Posting was Light During Vacation

When my family goes on vacation, we typically rent a house or condo these days.  In fact, for the last ten or so years, we have almost exclusively stayed in places we have rented through Vacation Rentals by Owner.  We have rented homes from Bozeman, Montana to the Abacos in the Bahamas.  We have always managed to enjoy the homes.  Don’t remember what started this, but it most likely had to do with economics.  Exploring, one can quickly learn that if you have a group of any size, renting a home is much less expensive than staying at a resort.

Anyway, back to the title of this post.  Most of the homes you can rent these days come with internet access.  So yes, while we were away, I could cruise the web.  In fact there was some discussion on topics for blog posts.  Most of the time those discussions were in places like Bud & Alley’s Rooftop Bar.  Where this picture was taken:

Now does that guy look like someone that is going back to his vacation rental to write a blog post?

The Oil Spill in South Walton County

Just spent a week in Grayton Beach.  It’s one of the small communities known collectively as The Beaches of South Walton.  These communities run along state highway 30A between Destin on the west and Panama City Beach on the east.

We had a lovely vacation, the weather, for the most part, was wonderful.  The beaches were clean and free of oil.  There was, however, a lot of June grass so the water was less clear than during past visits.  The only thing that was bothersome was the oil spill clean up effort.

As I already stated, there was no oil.  None.  Anywhere that I went from Alligator Lake to Seaside.  But the army of Qualified Community Responders (they had t-shirts) were everywhere.  Here are just a few:

Since I’m not a reporter, and don’t pretend to be one either, I never talked to any of these people.  They paired off and walked up and down the beach.  There might have been 50 yards between pairs.  There were hundreds of these people on the beach.  They also had equipment:

The little canopies with coolers with water were about every 300 to 400 yards.  The tractors were often pulling trailers.  Some of the trailers had port-a-potties on them for the use of the QCR’s (Qualified Community Responder).  It was ridiculous.  Now I know it is best to be prepared, but do these people have to be out on the beach all day long?  Could they not have been held in some off beach marshaling area awaiting the looming disaster?  Maybe the presence of these people provide some with comfort and I am just not one of those people.  I was also wondering about the expense.  I know BP is ultimately paying for these people to spend the day on the beach, but should we not expect BP to hold its limited resources in reserve until there is really something to clean up?  Or, is BP just buying political favor with this army of beach wanderers?

I said I didn’t talk to the QCR’s.  That is not entirely correct.  One of them did show me about 3 little tiny tar balls.  He told me to be very careful about touching them.  I live in Texas.  When you go to Galveston Beach or South Padre, you will see much larger tar balls as a routine.  The tar balls I saw in Grayton Beach were so small that I believe they have always been there, people are now only finding them because they are looking so hard to find them.

I might have a couple more posts on my trip, and then some more kitchens and remodeling.

Back from Vacation

Many posts in the next day or two.  I’ll have something to say on the oil spill clean up efforts too.

Beach Reading

If this gal is still at the beach when I get there tomorrow, I doubt my wife will like it much if I try to strike up a conversation with her:

Hat tip to both Curmudgeonly & Skeptical and Ka-Ching!

My suspicion, I am skeptical too, is that this young lady’s real intent it to use the book as a signalling device while on spring break.  Don’t think we’ll be seeing her in a family beach vacation spot during the summer.


One of the other interests I have is playing hockey.

I play in a recreational league, at a very low level, here in the Dallas area.

I scored a goal tonight in our winning effort.  Ice Dawgs 4, Alman Electric 1.  My goal was the fourth for the Dawgs.  Just because it ricocheted off my head does not mean I did not intend to do exactly that, I have been watching a little World Cup these last few weeks.