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You can put me down for a big FAIL

I have this problem:

I do come home each day, since I closed my showroom, reeking of mouse pad and toner cartridge.

What is a guy to do?

From: Curmudgeonly & Skeptical.

Another one by Megan

I do find some of her topics interesting.  And yes, it is programs such as this $1,000.00 down payment program that leave those of us that are less than enamored with large government even more set in our opinions.

Just when will it become too complex?

Or when will the political class finally extract one little bit too much: Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry. At the The American Scene.

Found via: Megan McArdle.

If you go back and read Megan’s post, you can complete your essay here or there.

My Brother-In-Law likes to give me crap.

He’s not really my brother-in-law.  He’s my sister-in-law’s husband.  A distinction lost on most people.  It does serve to keep one more degree of seperation between us.  I mean really, wouldn’t you want to stay as far as possible from someone who would pose for this picture?

He said I was an asshole yesterday.  Now he’ll have to be nice to me or I’ll notify all his friends they can find this picture here.

It couldn’t be any worse than 2012

Really, I think this idea has awesome potential:

Taken from Ka-Ching!

And really, if even it was totally screwed up, it couldnt be any worse than 2012.  I still can’t believe I wasted 2 1/2 hours watching that.

Star Wars has arrived

From Samizdata, the era of the ray gun has begun.

Some Motorcycle Design

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the Victory Vision motorcycle, but here is a very cool modification: Victory Vision Art Deco.

Check it out.