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So, do you know your Religion?

I got 13 out of 15 correct.

Don’t consider myself particularly religious.  It is my understanding agnostics and atheists, as groups, were among the highest scores.


The Latest EconTalk

It’s on depression and depression treatments.  Specifically drugs or pills to make you feel better.  The link is here.  I’ve often wondered why it is OK to have a doctor prescribe a pill to make you feel better, yet it remains illegal to smoke a joint.  If you don’t subscribe to EconTalk, you should.  Comes to you free right through itunes.

Oh, Russ ties it to economics.  But really, the whole coversation made me think.

If you want to have a list of my favorite EconTalk episodes, just shoot me an e-mail.

You could waste a couple of hours

Rummaging through my blogroll.

There are always funny pictures and captions at Catalog Living.

Daphne at Jaded Haven recently told us she was fed up with having our troops in Afghanistan and giving blow jobs.  Her writing and storytelling are awesome.

There has been a good discussion at EconLog about signalling versus skill attainment in education.  Bryan Caplan comes down hard in favor of the signalling model.

Gerard at American Digest has a new venture RIGHTNETWORK.

Robin Hanson will always have something provocative to say at Overcoming Bias

Heck, I’ve wasted most of the day reading through my blogroll.  Didn’t get much productive work done around the house today.

The findings of this article do not surprise me

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article ranking colleges and universities based upon corporate recruiters and the schools they recruit and hire from.

Interesting throughout, but don’t put too much stock in the findings.  Naturally large companies will recruit from large universities.  They will make effective use of their recruiting dollars in that fashion.  Students, however, will still have to excel to be noticed by these companies.

While I’m certain there are aspects of earning a degree from a large state university that do prepare students for working in a large corporate environment, I bet most of this effect is simply the large numbers of students available to recruit from on one trip.

What this is all about

I blog mostly to practice my writing and to learn about the technology.  So I link to articles I have read and I upload photos I’ve swiped from other blogs.  Naturally I also give attribution.  Now though, I sense a need to create tags and use them better.  I am oftern worried I’ll expose myself as an idiot, but really, I’m almost 50, so it’s too late to be worried about that.

I will start using tags and possibly go back and put tags on all my previouse posts and then remove categories.

Too much work?

They’re, for the most part, Safe for Work

Just a reminder:

Hot Chicks with Books

Women Reading

Book Porn

I’ve always like smart women.

I don’t care what your politics, this if funny

From Curmudgeonly& Skeptical:

Politices with humor.  I love this stuff.

Watch out REO buyers

I know there are a lot of people that are salivating over the pending tsunami of REO sales.  This article from naked capitalism by Yves Smith, shows there may be danger lurking in the chain of custody for the notes and liens.

It is not clear to me the amount of risk one will actually assume, but I wouldn’t be buying any Wells Fargo REO if they make you sign their addendum.

Hat tip: David Henderson at EconLog.