Monthly Archive for October, 2010

My Wife is at Mass this morning

She sings in the choir.  It ain’t nothing like this, I give you Sister Rosetta Tharpe:

I might go to Mass more often if the music were better.  I’d go to mass more often if there were no music.  Especially bad music.

Katy Perry and Elmo

I can’t resist an effort to trick some traffic my way.  I notice the mini-scandal and while I find Katy OK as an entertainer, I find this version of “Hot N Cold” much better than Katy’s version.

I give you, and have probably done so before, Los Colorados:

Totally awesome.

I found this intriguing…

From Robin Hansen, Doubting My Far Mind:

I’ve also noticed that among smart folks, the most successful keep their smarts on a short leash. They use their smarts to make the sale, win the case, pass the test, get published, etc., but they don’t use much smarts to consider whether they really want to make the sale, win the case, etc. Oh sure they might express some angst at a Saturday dinner, but come Monday they are back on the job.

In contrast, on average smart folks gain far less success when they seriously apply their smarts to big pictures, reconsidering what they want, what we really know, how the world is organized, what they can do to make the world a better place, and so on. They go off in a thousand directions, and while some might break new ground, on average such smart folk gain much less personal success, and may well do less to help the world.

I’ve noticed the same thing.  In my vanity I often believe I am one of the smart folks.  But when I am with other smart folks, say at a party on Saturday night, I find I have little to say to many of them.  I don’t have much to say as I often find people don’t understand me.  Maybe I’m not one of the smart folks?  I also know that the successful smart folks don’t have blogs and don’t appear to be very introspective.

Much of my social life centers around my children.  When socializing I am most often with the parents of my children’s classmates.  By any measure this group would be considered smart folks.  I know that the more conventionally successful among this group don’t spend their Sunday mornings writing on a blog.  The more successful of them are probably packing for their next business trip right now.  Like Robin, I’m sure they have their moments of doubt.  If you get one of them drunk, they may even express those doubts out loud, but not very often.

So maybe I’m fooling myself when I think I’m one of the smart folks.  Should the successful be considered members of the smart folk set?  Should the smart folk status be limited to those of us that get distracted by more interesting ideas?  Should smart folk status be reserved for the conventionally successful?  Maybe I should be tossed out of the smart folk set (I only claim membership, there is no real evidence I belong) on our assess because we have yet to master the skills required to be full members of the smart set.