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Got a new computer over the weekend…

I have to say there is not bigger time suck than trying to set up a new computer.  Moving files, installing programs, etc.  Then to top it off there is itunes.  Itunes will be a post unto itself.

One last one on Amy Chua…

Until the movie comes out.

Tom Smith at The Righ Coast, has a very good post on Amy Chua.  (On a side note, it is very humbling to learn through my blogging effort how difficult it is to write well and clearly, posts like Tom’s are an example of what I wish I could do).  I also wonder about the type of people Amy Chua wants her daughters to become:

But here’s the thing.  And here the point has been made easier to make by the curious fact that Tiger Mom is a Yale Law School professor and as Professor Bainbridge has pointed out, it seems almost an epidemic among faculty parents in New Haven.  My fear is that little tiger kittens are not being groomed to make things that you and I can buy if we feel like it.  I’m afraid, call me paranoid if you like, that those little achievers will want to grow up to, well, rule.  Not in the imperial Chinese way, though I take it that is the ultimate inspiration for this model of child rearing.  If my high school understanding of Chinese history is correct, that Empire used to be ruled by a giant bureaucracy into which one got by passing extraordinarily difficult exams, competing against other fanatically hopeful parents who saw it as one of the few ways to get the young persons out of a life of horrible drudgery.  But rather in something more like the imperial Chinese way than my ideal, which is more like Thomas Jefferson’s, without the antique and misguided dislike of commerce.

I think Tom is correct in his concern.  I am all too often struck by the desire of those that are considered smarter than me, measured by conventional tests, to want to control what I eat, drink, read, and drive.  Like Tom I want my children to be able to live in a world where “their betters” are not trying to control them.

I won’t promise not to post any more about Amy Chua, but I will try to slow it down.  Until the movie comes out.

The Last Psychiatrist…

I have just added The Last Psychiatrist to the blog roll.  Very impressive writer.  I love the way he unpacks and analyzes the various memes that catch our collective attention around the internets.  A sample:

If you want one single sentence that summarizes precisely what is wrong with the interpretation of what is wrong with law schools, it’s this one:

Today, American law schools are like factories that no force has the power to slow down — not even the timeless dictates of supply and demand.

 If something is immune to the laws of supply and demand, it’s usually because someone deliberately set it up to circumvent those rules.

Supply and demand should have caused these lower tier schools to lower their costs to entice students away from the better but more expensive schools.  But they don’t need to, because all law schools are free.  Read it again.  All law schools are free.

Not after you graduate, of course, but right now.  Law schools can charge anything they want because everyone has enough money to pay for it- today.  As long as there are guaranteed government loans available for this, there is no economic incentive to lower the costs.  And as long as the price is zero, demand will always be infinity.

If it was true supply and demand, #1 ranked Harvard and #100 ranked Hofstra wouldn’t have the same tuition.  But they do, the same as stupid Washington University, which is so stupid it’s in Missouri.  “It’s underrated.”  Bite me.  Are we saying that Hofstra’s worth the same money as Harvard?  That people would pay anything to go to Hofstra?  No, they don’t have to pay anything to go to Hofstra.  That’s the point. 

You cannot, on the one hand, say you want to lower the number of students while on the other hand incentivizing them to go.  But you’re not incentivizing the students, are you?  It’s a wealth transfer to universities.  That’s why you want to directly limit the number of schools  while keeping the payments to the rest of them intact.  More for you.  And if you have to throw Mr. Wallerstein under the bus to hide this truth, well, sacrifices have to be made.

At least we here are Directional U understand that we can’t charge as much as the “name” school in the area, but I am very confident that our course of instruction is every bit as good.

You should really check out some the The Last Psychiatrist’s stuff.  I particularly liked the unemployed college grad douchebag.

From Instapundit: Things That Don’t Suck…

The Roku.  Like the Instapundit’s brother, I have cut my TV bill from $85 per month to $20.  I like it better too.

The Civil War…

Learn about it in real time at The American Interest.  The have a blog doing daily updates of events from 150 years ago.  Pretty cool.

Didn’t happen at my school…

Professor pees on colleague’s door.

Apparently there was some sort of dispute between the two of them.  Ya’ think?

We all have these days at work…

And in light of the student below that had an “avoidable circumcision” I went off and did some data analysis.  Here is a snap shot of our current student body:

I don’t remember where I stole that from, but if it’s yours, let me know and I’ll give you proper credit.

I need one of these…

I bet the wife will find it necessary too:

A note from school…

From the school secretary:

January 26, 2011

Dear Parents,

Please remind your students not to forget to wear their Green Team T-Shirt on Thursday, January 27th, and support the National Crayon Recycle Program, Crazy Crayons, by dropping your broken crayons in the specially marked bins at the upper and lower schools.  The Crayon Recycle Program has stopped more than 58,000 pounds of unwanted crayons from going into landfills.  Please try to take some time this evening to look for Thank you for your efforts to help the Earth!

There is too much nonsense in that paragraph for me to unpack while at work.  I can’t believe, even at a private school, how many resources are wasted on something other than the core task.

Update: This, I should note is from a Catholic School!

Just got this from one of my MBA prospects…

Check out this language:

thanks for your time in alerting me of your session,but am not in position of attending it due to an avoidable circumcision,the course i wanted to pursue you dint have it its international management.

First class prospect there.  It’s too bad she lost interest in the program.