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Oh This Is Just Ridiculous

Via the InstapunditFacebook Sharing Comparable to Enjoyment From Food and Sex.

Just imagine how I’m supposed to feel if I had readers and regular commenters on this little blog of mine.

There’s This Bridge Near My House

That I call the longest bridge in the world. This bridge goes all the way from North Dallas to, oh hell, take your pick: Somalia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe… Just about any hell hole on the planet you can name.

Yeah, it’s an old joke. Some crank like me has said the same thing about a bridge in his city many times before.

But my claim is true. Shit like this happens with great frequency on the other end of this bridge: Dallas Woman Accused of Attempting to Sell Baby.

Property values on my side of the bridge would rise dramatically if that bridge were not in place. Continue reading ‘There’s This Bridge Near My House’


I played my first hockey game in 10 months. I scored a goal.

The fact that it was our third goal when the other team had a 7-2 lead doesn’t really matter. I still scored. 7-3 was the final.

We lost. Oh well.

For Many of Us

Our reputation is the only thing we possess that has any value. This holds even for Bigfoot hunters. Sometimes these Bigfoot hunters choose to sue to protect their reputation.

If you’ve never read any of Ken’s stuff, here is a good place to start.

A Must Read

This one is for all of my friends that are members of either Team Pepsi or Team Coke: What has already been called the greatest blog post ever written.

I don’t know about it being the greatest, but I do think it wonderful. Read through the comments too. It is a good discussion.

Being Christian

Saves Money!

All I have to say is that they are not yet paying Catholic High School tuition.

From David Thompson’s

Friday Ephemera: Taken Apart.

Pretty cool. I used to take things apart as a kid. When I put the device back together, there was always extra pieces.

Book Review

I just finished reading The White Tiger, A Novel, by Arvind Adiga.

It was a quick and entertaining read. It played right into my biases and prejudices about India. I think a couple of my friends would really enjoy the book too. The story is of a villager that moves to the big city and slowly gets corrupted by the whole system.

Give it a read. I finished in about 6 hours.

Adjusting to Life in Dallas II

Daylight savings time! The Northern Hemisphere!

I’m just not used to there being sunlight so late in the day. I’m not used to having enough light at the end of the working day to do stuff outside.

On the island, even in summer, which being South of the Equator, is in our winter months, it got dark early. They did not have daylight savings time on the island. It was always dark by 7:00pm. In the winter, which is now, it is dark by 5:30pm.

And there is no twilight like we have farther from the equator. It just got dark. Really fast.

One of My Internet Friends

Put up a YouTube video of one of the members of the Allman Brothers Band. Good stuff.

But I’ll see her one and raise to three:  (Again, just push the button).

That’s Rain in Spain by Sea Level. Which at the time of the recording had Chuck Leavell, Jai Johanny Johanson, and Lamar Williams as members of the band. I made that MP3 file my ownself from my often played 35 year old vinyl. All those pops and hisses you hear bring back memories for me. I’m fairly certain that there was a bong in the room at least once while that record was played on my “Garrard turntable with Pickering cartridge.” Don’t tell the kids.

I left Allman Brothers, Sea Level, Bob Dylan, and John Hiatt cd’s back on the island for my friends. That is the good ol’ stuff for me.

I have to admit to selfishly keeping The Last Waltz and bringing it back home with me to Dallas.