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Iowahawk on the Vince Lombardi drawings…

Just a small sample:

“While Wisconsin culture is tolerant compared to, say, Iowa, what many outsiders don’t understand is that its ultimate taboo is graven images of Lombardi,” said Nigel Rhys-Jones of Harvard’s Institute of Primitive Anthropology. “The only Lombardi iconography allowed is allegorical, in throw blankets or needlepoint appliques, and must be purchase at craft fairs from chubby Lutheran women in windbreakers. For a Cowboy fan to make cartoons of the Vince is… let’s just say the ultimate sacrilege.”

The whole affair was kicked off by a Cowboys fan here in Plano. It’s a travesty.

As is often said: go read the whole thing.

Update: Fixed the link. Also, I have to confess I didn’t know the post was from 2006. But that’s typical of Iowahawk. Timeless stuff.


The coming bacon shortage…

It may very well be the end of the world.

The fact that it is The Guardian doing the reporting, gives me some comfort. But as one wag put it, “Maybe we wouldn’t be facing a bacon shortage if you twee hipsters didn’t put bacon on cupcakes, in mixed drinks, etc.”, it is possible there might not be a shortage. I’m looking at you Burger King.

I actually blame ethanol.

I will also confess to putting bacon in my bourbon.


Again with the Higher Education stuff…

I keep seeing these articles: Finishing School.

I know there is a business opportunity in here somewhere. Both high schools and colleges are doing such a poor job with so many kids. They just don’t know how to work.

I also know that if I wait until everything is in place, the opportunity will be gone.

If you’ve never read…

The Police Log at the Arcata Eye, you should give it a try. Very funny stuff.

The Ace is at Alabama…

Oops, I mean Arkansas.

That will no doubt endear the coach to the Razorback nation.

I hope the Ace doesn’t find this

Recipe on how to get a fake ID.

I don’t understand this fetish…

With income redistribution: How Obama Could Be A Real “Redistributionist” | The New Republic.

What exactly is the problem? And my reading of all the proposed solutions means taking money, either through taxes, reduced wages, or higher prices from someone, such as me, that is solidly at the median.

Bob Margolin at The Last Waltz

Bob Margolin at The Last Waltz.

Worth the read for all Last Waltz fans.

The European Banking Crisis



It has the same expository quality as the Clarke and Dawe video below.

HT: Russ Roberts

When politics comes up these days…

I usually tell them something like this: It’s the silly season. Bear in mind — 95% of what you hear that includes the word “Obama” or “Romney” is bullshit.