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Just in time for Halloween

Death by clown:

Somebody should tell Peggy.

HT: Cabinet of Curiousities

I like the finer grain of this map

Over what is typically seen.

You can see how this map was developed here: 2008 Election Maps

This is much more satisfying for me than the red state / blue state maps you typically see.

Relative Value of the US Dollar

Measuring Worth – Relative Value of the US Dollar..

According to the calculations available at that web site, I’m making less today than I was when I graduated from college.

Witnessing my generation’s gold rush

Witnessing my generation’s gold rush | Photographers Blog.

One photographer’s trip to the oil fields of North Dakota. My question: Can a old guy like me get in on that gold rush too?

What Is the Rolling Stones’ Best Song?

They’re conducting a poll over at Rolling Stone.

Only a few people are getting the answer correct.

Again all you have to do is press this button to hear the best Rolling Stones song. And like one commenter said, the poll is asking for the best Rolling Stones song, not your favorite.


East Conus IR Loop – Satellite Services Division – Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution.

I think Sandy has been oversold.

Update (10/30/12): OK, it looks like it turned out to be as close to the end of the world as was being forecast. But, you have to admit that contemporary weather forecasting typically over dramatizes the possible outcome of any particular storm front. Just remember this when we get a prediction of snow here in Dallas this winter.

Storm Preparation

East Conus IR Loop – Satellite Services Division – Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution.

If you go to that link, you can see that I don’t have anything to worry about here in Dallas. I hope all of you along the Eastern seaboard are planning ahead. South Bend Seven has some tips for you. I plan on following his advice the next time an ice storm heads to Dallas. I’ll be going to do my shopping at the liquor store and La Michoacana on Greenville.

Riding out a storm with plenty of booze and fajitas would be an ok time.

Here’s something I lust after

I don’t know where this photo was taken, but it could be the gulf coast. I could spend a lot of time in a fishing kayak on the gulf coast. I wouldn’t even have to catch anything.


Blacks for Romney:


I found it kinda funny.


The Gormogons: Suit Against Bank of America Is Baseless

It really is total bullshit.

The advice that ‘Puter offers the defense counsel is very good. Not a chance in hell it will happen that way, but very good still.

The notion that BofA defrauded Fannie and Freddie is nonsense on stilts. The only fraud perpetrated was the one against the taxpayers. I’m one of many that paid more than our share for the 2008 meltdown.