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My wife might still be opposed to gay marriage…

I mean if you tell her that continuing to outlaw gay marriage will make these women carry through with their threats:


She’d probably be in favor of not allowing gay marriage. She doesn’t want to play video games with me. Having these lesbians actually go to a hockey game with me would allow her to get a good night’s rest. (This, of course, assumes we’ll have hockey again someday.)

One for the Wicked Witch of the East…


Now the Wicked Witch of the East will tell you that the dog guy will own a cat and the cat guy will own a dog.

Think about it, I believe the Wicked Witch of the East is correct.

I wonder if she still reads this blog?

Another Reminder of …

Reynold’s Law. This time from WRM;

The student loan system’s biggest victims are exactly the people policy makers most want to help: marginal students whose chances of finishing are not great.

Don’t let your kids borrow money for crappy degrees from crappy schools!

Suckers, They are Everywhere

Here is a photo of Denise Milani, a winner of some bikini beauty contest:

Here is a photo of former UNC professor Paul Frampton:

Professor Frampton flew from North Carolina to Bolivia to meet Ms. Milani. When he arrived in Bolivia, he was not met by Ms. Milani, but rather by some guy with a suitcase who sent him on to Argentina. The guy with the suit case told Prof. Frampton he would meet Ms. Milani in Argentina.

Prof. Frampton has just been sentenced to five years in prison for smuggling drugs.

I’ve read all of the article linked to above, and the other articles linked to within. It appears that Prof. Frampton never got the opportunity to meet Ms. Milani. The best part, is this is not the first time he’s been the sucker in some long distance internet relationship.

Update: A quote from another article I just found on the case.

But at the heart of it is the question: how could an unprepossessing 68-year-old believe that a busty hottie might want to have him dip his rusty old spoon in her honeypot?

Really, this is the question, isn’t it?


Student Loan Interest Tax Deduction Going Away

Real Points » Blog Archive » Susan Arledge: Federal Tax Increases.

From the article:

The student loan interest deduction will be disallowed for hundreds of thousands of families.

Student loans are evil. I won’t let the Ace borrow any money for college. I will be very happy to support her through college, even if it means having to put up with her friends ringing the doorbell after I’ve gone to sleep! (Which happened last night.)

Seriously, those damn kids use their cell phones for everything, and when they come to my door late at night and have a perfect opportunity to use their cell phone, what do they do? They ring the door bell! Somebody ought to teach these punks some manners!



Arnold Kling has a new blog

Added to the blog roll over there on the right. The blog is here: Arnold Kling’s askblog.

For those of you who don’t like Walmart

Peter Suderman drops a truth-bomb on Walmart critics (with tweets) · lachlanmarkay3 · Storify.

For those of you who don’t like Walmart, I ask what your alternative universe, the one without Walmart, looks like?

Go off and read the post at the link. It’ll only take a minute or two.

Wife Tried To Suffocate Him By Motorboating With Her 38DD Breasts

Even if this is true, would you report it if it happened to you?

I know I wouldn’t report it for two reasons: one the whole thing might be kind of fun; two, my wife doesn’t have 38DD breasts and she would likely be pissed if I was involved with a pair of breasts that didn’t belong to her.

Is this in our future?

Elderly at Record Spurs Japan Stores Chase $1.4 Trillion – Bloomberg.

Sales of adult diapers outpace the sales of infant diapers in Japan.

The Hard Life of an N.F.L. Long Shot

The Hard Life of an N.F.L. Long Shot –

A good long story about trying to make in the NFL. Well worth your time.