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Kansas sperm donor ordered to pay child support

Kansas sperm donor ordered to pay child support prepares for battle | Fox News.

Some dude donates sperm to a lesbian couple. The contract does not allow any parental privilege or responsibility to the guy. The contract even has a hold harmless and indemnity clause.

The lesbians break up.

The child has received some state benefits.

Kansas is suing the guy for child support!

The lesbians have other children!

Santa Photos

Santa photos rank right up there with clown photos for potentially scary stuff.

Here’s an example:

Bad Santa on White Rock Kitchens


There is a bunch more to see here: Neatorama.

Hoover for Christmas

Just look at the love!

Oddly enough, I think Mrs. White Rock (yeah, I’ve stolen this Mrs. White Rock thing from South Bend Seven) would really enjoy a nice new vacuum for Christmas.

Study: Women with large breasts are smarter

Women with large breasts are smarter.

The field work I’ve done neither supports or refutes the conclusion of the linked study.

Now, in case Mrs. White Rock, who happens to be in the kitchen as I type this, looks at this post, the field work was done many years ago.

Greco and Germaine are still having problems

We last saw them here.

An update on their tragic relationship:


Can you imagine such heartbreak at Christmas time?

I need to make sure that my wife doesn’t meet Germaine. She might get ideas.

Raising Minimum Wage Lifts Single Mothers Out of Poverty and Boosts U.S. Economy

Raising Minimum Wage Lifts Single Mothers Out of Poverty and Boosts U.S. Economy, Policy Report Shows.

This gem of an article is published on the UT web site.

Some quotes:

African American and Hispanic women are hit the hardest.

Can there be an article about the economy where women and minorities are not the hardest hit?


The researchers also found the share of African Americans in the category of “high school graduate, GED or alternative” is five percentage points higher than the general population. Yet that group is seven percentage points lower in the category of “bachelor’s degree or higher.”


…where race, low education and limited skills combine, the risks of long-term poverty for the women and their children…

Race, low education, limited skills. One of those three is not like the other two and has no (or limited) effect on wages.

You would think that a “news” article featured on the web site of the state’s premier university would have a little better scholarship associated with it. You really should read the whole thing, as you will find evidence of why I think higher education is in a terrible mess.

HT: Mungowitz

Three Arrested in Connection With Maple-Syrup Heist

BREAKING: Three Arrested in Connection With Maple-Syrup Heist – Lowering the Bar.

Kevin is on the case. It appears that a good portion of the Maple Syrup Strategic Reserve has been recovered.

It’s a good thing that it’s been warm here that last couple of months. The last time I bought syrup, it was quite expensive. Maybe prices will drop along with the temperatures. Cold weather is pancake and waffle weather for me.

Obama in Newtown

Way too political. He’s not even done as I’m typing this.

Too religious for the President?

Go check this out

Really, you need to click here: Wilma Hurskainen.

Just one sample:


Lots more, with an explanation.

Scouts and Guns

Old Picture of the Day: Scouts and Guns.


From the post:

I don’t know about the summer camp you went to, but mine definitely did not have a 50 Cal BMG at the shooting range, although I think it is a great idea. Nothing would rejuvenate interest in Scouting like some automatic weapons at the shooting range!

I got the pleasure of sending about 10 rounds of 50 cal downrange while in the Marines. It was very cool. That gun is amazing. The sound that thing makes ranks with the sound of Ducatis and V8’s.

That blog is well worth checking out.