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Solve your first-world problem

I was amused.

HT: Craig Newmark


Google Nigeria

Check out this surfer

Here’s the article.

Here’s a photo

Big Wave

This is a very enjoyable movie about surfing big waves: Riding Giants.

A planned safety drill

Fucking idiots

Patrick from Popehat has the story. As only Patrick can. From the post:

And for extra credit:  Assume for the purpose of this question that the murder rate in Chicago is approximately equal to that of smaller cities such as Aleppo, Fallujah, and Mogadishu. Explain, in symbolic logic, the utility to the city of using police officers to conduct murder drills in one of the few areas of the city where actual murders are not occurring, rather than deploying said officers to areas where genuine murders are taking place.

Go read the whole post.

Teens without drivers licenses increasing

Steve Sailer: Teens without drivers licenses increasing.

There’s a very interesting graph on 16 year old kids with driver’s licenses at the post. Check it out.

I’ve told my son (16 in April) that he gets a ride exactly no where when he turns 16. I’m not chauffeuring his ass around town any longer than I have to.

The Female Orgasm: A Program About Sexual Health and Women’s Empowerment

The Female Orgasm: A Program About Sexual Health and Women’s Empowerment.

From the University of Minnesota.

I grew up in Minnesota. I won’t be going back.

Sunday Intemperence « The Unbroken Window

Sunday Intemperence « The Unbroken Window.

From the post:

I’ve tried to live as upright a life as I can, and I’ve f*ck*d up several times and pretty seriously and maybe it is my jealousy at all of you guys who may be more saintly than me, but I don’t really think many of us are saints. So I’d feel a lot better if we all still had that rage, but sorta kept it to ourselves. We’re at base not all that different, me included.

I agree (I’ve, believe it or not, screwed up too). I really don’t understand the people that express such outrage. Go read the whole thing.

Parenting as Prestige

The Parent Trap – TCS Daily.

I don’t believe I’ve linked to this essay of the Instapundit’s before, but I do like it. Especially this part:

There’s also the decline in parental prestige over generations. My mother reports that when she was a newlywed (she was married in 1959) you weren’t seen as fully a member of the adult world until you had kids. Nowadays to have kids means something closer to an expulsion from the adult world. People in the suburbs buy SUVs instead of minivans not because they need the four-wheel-drive capabilities, but because the SUVs lack the minivan’s close association with low-prestige activities like parenting, and instead provide the aura of high-prestige activities like whitewater kayaking. Why should kayaking be more prestigious than parenting? Because parenting isn’t prestigious in our society. If it were, childless people would drive minivans just to partake of the aura.

All of that is true, but I’m still not driving a minivan. I would if there was one made with rear wheel drive and some stop light performance. Anyway, go read the whole thing.


H.L. Mencken

Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is a sort of advance auction in stolen goods.

via Mark Perry at Carpe Diem.

There are several more. Go read the whole thing.

In his Mother’s Garage

He’s built a Star Trek bridge.

An he’s looking for other’s to come over an play.

He’s thirty one years old.

If my son…