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Partisanship is Not the Problem

Partisanship is Not the Problem: Arnold Kling.

This whole sequester thing is a joke.

Missing corn dog led to man killing roommate


But you knew that.

Minimum Grade

Don Boudreaux in a satirical knockdown of the proposed increase in the minimum wage has this witty little bit:

“It’s impossible for students with ‘D’s and ‘F’s on their transcripts to succeed as they deserve in life,” remarked Sen. Bernie Franken, an Independent from Elitia.

It took me too long to realize with Boudreaux had done here. I got the grade parody right away, but I almost googled Elitia. (I probably shouldn’t admit being stupid on the internet.)

I have a 15 year old son. Both he and I would like him to get a part time job this coming summer. I don’t think it will be easy if employers are forced to pay him $9.00 per hour. He’s not worth that much. Yet. I think he’ll be worth a lot on an hourly basis someday, just not right now. Because he’s not worth $9.00 per hour to an employer today, it will be more difficult than it needs to be for him to learn how to work for someone.

I don’t believe that most democrats actually think raising the minimum wage is a good idea. I just can’t figure out if there is any motivation for the move beyond the symbolism of the act. Those democrats that believe raising the minimum wage is a good thing, well there’s no help for them.

Cobb on the Harlem Shake

This type of shit happens every century.

I refuse to watch any of the videos. I normally pass on these memes.

29 Pictures Of Marine Drill Instructors Screaming In People’s Faces

Brings back memories. Not all of them bad either. Here’s a sample:

Drill Instructor

When I was at OCS, there was a candidate named Scanlon that was always getting yelled at. Scanlon never made it through the program, but I can still remember the Platoon Sergeant yelling: “Scanlon! Sometimes I think you were sent here from another planet just to torment me!”

There was another guy in my squad that started laughing at that one. He got his shit jumped like I never saw before.

There is a photo in that collection that shows a DI using the knife hand. We used to do parodies of the knife hand at night in the squad bay. You had to be careful even then. The Platoon Sergeant did not think that imitation was the sincerest form of flattery.

Anyway, go check it out.

HT: Craig Newmark.

A machine to sort Skittles

The Art and Engineering of Brian Egenriether.

Go check it out.

We want to rule you because you are stupid and powerless and we are wise

Samizdata points us to this wonderful book: Against Autonomy, Justifying Coercive Paternalism.

From the Samizdata Post:

But as the example above shows, once supposedly “academic” and “scientific” people put about the idea that we are nothing more than puppets in a deterministic universe, certain consequences follow. It can – although it needn’t – lead to fatalism and nihilism. It can also mean that certain intellectuals and the like, rather as the Marxists of old, consider themselves able to rise above the herd, diagnose the ills of we meat-puppets, and lead us “for our own good”.

The philosopher Stephen Hicks tells us we should be forced to buy the book.

From the Hicks post we learn that:

Conly’s faculty page indicates that her next book will be about the goodness of using force to prevent people from having the wrong number of children.

Conly is a professor at Bowdoin. Neither the Ace or the Deuce will be attending.

Hat tip for this whole mess goes to The News Junkie.

Diane Lane is back on the market!

Josh Brolin, Diane Lane divorcing after eight years.

My wife is probably going to keep a much closer watch on my free time now. She was talking about going to see her mother for the weekend. She’s probably going to cancel the trip now, given this development.

She’ll also probably start coming to my late night hockey games too. Just to make certain I’m actually playing.


She’s held up well over the years. Just sayin’.

I’ve got an idea: Let’s screw over the teenagers!

I’ve got a 16 year old son. When I see information like that in Perry’s blog post, I get further depressed. I can’t believe how we (well not me, I didn’t vote for any of these Top Men) are screwing over the younger generations.

The Deuce will likely hold me personally responsible for any difficulties he might have getting a summer job.

Semen Nutrition and Overlooked Health Benefits

Semen Nutrition and Overlooked Health Benefits.

Couldn’t resist linking to this.

Also introducing a new tag: Health Tips. I can see a whole new line of blog posts starting right here.