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Update on the Job Hunt

It sucks.

There are all kinds of jobs posted. There are even jobs posted that I might enjoy.

The problem is that the employers want very exact experience. I’ve yet to find an employer looking for someone with international education experience that can design and install a high end kitchen and also evaluate and purchase a portfolio of loans on equipment.

How long will I have to wait for someone to show up looking for my set of skills and experience?

Hockey at the American Airlines Center

That’s me, wearing #2:

Hockey at AAC

Impressed, aren’t cha…

The Dallas Stars do this thing on game day where they have a bunch of guys play a game in the afternoon. They then feed us and booze us for a while and then we watch the Stars play. It’s a really good time. The food, however, has taken a big decline from previous seasons. No body that played that afternoon was thrilled with the meal.

Climate Change Causes Prostitution

I’ve seen this a couple of times today: Dem resolution warns climate change could push women to ‘transactional sex’ – The Hill’s Floor Action.

What won’t Climate Change do?

What are characteristics of the Dark Enlightenment?

What are characteristics of the Dark Enlightenment?.

I’m certain that there are about zero readers of this blog that are familiar with the Dark Enlightenment, but it is something worth looking into a bit. Like all ideas, there are those that take the concepts to an excess, but there is also a good deal of merit in the discussion.

For example, this is listed as one of the characteristics:

A realization that liberty is incompatible with democracy, and that democracy leads to mediocrity.

I sometimes think the very same thing. I really thought it last November.

Here’s the whole series on the Dark Enlightenment by Nick Land.

Zubeidat Tsarnaev

Here’s a photo from the ’80’s where Zubeidat is holding the young, and now deceased, Tamerlan:

Baby Tamerlan

Now I was never one to hit on married women, but if I had seen a chick looking like this when I was out at the sort of places I hung out in Orange County back in those days, I would have asked her to dance. She has that punk rocker look down.

Take a look at her today:

What Happened to Zubeidat

I don’t think the typical party girl of 1980’s Southern California, even if she is now a devout Roman Catholic, looks as rough as that. Just sayin’…  I wonder what the cause of this look is? Anyone?

Another John Prine Post

Hey! Check this out, a one hour John Prine concert:


The internet is a wonderful thing.

It does open with the song from below.

For I knew that topless lady had something up her sleeve

John Prine is awesome!


I have a hard time deciding who is the better songwriter between Prine and Dylan.

Dr. Marsh now raises Christmas trees in Ipswich, Mass.

Ed Marsh: Reflections of a Medical Ex-Practitioner –

The hat tip and the title to the blog post go to Dr. Joy Bliss at Maggie’s Farm. I couldn’t resist repeating it, as it captures what docs are going through these days.

And it’s not just docs like Dr. Marsh, even docs that are more commercially minded have serious trouble under our current regulatory regime.

Because there is a market for lies

Sailer: Just tell professors what they want to hear.

The title of this post in the final sentence of Sailer’s post on an academic fraud. This concept of there being a market for lies is extensible through any number of disciplines and regimes.

I’ll leave it to the reader to work out the proof.

See this guy?


He’s the principal suspect in the theft of $26,000 (Canadian) bottle of scotch.

If he is in fact the culprit, I hope he’s enjoying his ill gotten goods. That is no ordinary shoplifting charge he’s going to face.