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Arnold Kling on U.S. Government Housing Policies

it is a collection of special-interest boondoggles

via Check it out.

I’ve cherry picked the quote, but the whole, and brief, post is a nice little read.

Popehat on Snowden

Well, really it’s Ken.

If you don’t have Popehat on your feed, you need to put it there.

Ken will be a good source to follow the whole NSA/Snowden deal with. He’s a very good writer and is experienced in this area.

I have to confess, the Popehat blog has become so popular in the last few months that I don’t comment over there as often as I used to.

Staten Island Photographs show life in the New York City borough in the early 1980s

Check these out. Here’s the first one:

Two Girls with Matching Outfits

When you look through those photos, don’t you think the people look poor? That was only thirty years ago and in Staten Island.

Go look at them all..

Angus on Graduate Students in Econ

…schools are taking students who shouldn’t be there…?

That is my experience. A kind of bitter one too. I spent close to two years working toward a degree I was never going to be awarded. I believe I was there just because the presence of students helped a great deal with program funding.

The paper linked in Angus’ posts is about students from top programs being awarded tenure at the appropriate point in their careers. The figures are dismal even for students from top programs. I can only imagine what it would have been like for me, a student of Directional U.

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From the Instapundit

Instapundit » Blog Archive »IRS Commissioner Shulman’s Top Political Aide Visited White House Over 300 Times….

I see the problem right there. Why does the IRS Commissioner have a political aid in the first place?

Avoid the Need for Spying Using One Not-So-Weird Trick

Coulter is often very good.

We have created two huge problems where none existed before — domestic terrorism and government spying — all to help the Democrats win elections by changing the electorate.

Read the whole thing.

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The Great K-L Substitution

Arnold Kling:

To me, this, along with factor price equalization, is the most intuitively plausible account for trends in the distribution of income over the past twenty years.

I also think this is an important reason for unemployment. Capital goods are getting less expensive every day, pushing people out of the work force. They are not yet cheap enough for us all to have our own little factories in our garages. Maybe someday…

I do have a few good ideas.

He sounds sort of like a libertarian to me

Pretty powerful stuff:


Well worth your 4:18.

This comes with the usual caveat that he’s a politician. So we are left wondering what his real motivation is.

Check it out

Men who look like old lesbians.

We do not have a government of serious people…

If Anthony Weiner can become mayor of NYC. A couple of links for your enjoyment.

Weiner the Wanker

NYTimes Pulls Their Weiner Story

If this sort of thing puzzles you (how this guy could be a serious contender for mayor) you’ll find the articles will only add to your befuddlement. It is amazing to me how some people have no sense of shame.