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I suppose I should not find this surprising

Bay Area fat activists: Fat. Fit. Flabulous!

Here’s a sample from the series of photos:

There are a bunch more photos at the link.

I shouldn’t be surprised as it is the beginning of the formation of another special interest group. It will soon start making special pleadings to the government in order to impose costs that should properly be born within the group to the rest of the nation. Just as all special interest groups do.


Best .gifs

Ever. My favorite of those shown:


Do go look at the rest over here: Beer Label GIFs Bring Iconic Brands To Life.

I don’t find that this helps the cause

I’m pretty much a 2nd Amendment absolutist. I am of the opinion that if the police can carry a particular style of weapon to protect themselves, that I as a citizen of a free country with a founding document that contains the 2nd Amendment should be able to own and carry a weapon at least as powerful.

Get a load of this gun nut:

Gun Nut

Nice outfit, eh?

I don’t think having photos like this help us on the pro 2nd Amendment front. I also don’t think photos like this will help this young lady find her next job. I’m not helping the cause either but I found this photo so ridiculous that I was compelled to pass it along to my one and one half readers.

The Bogus High-Tech Worker Shortage

How Guest Workers Lower US Wages.

From PBS, no less.

I see that people are starting to push back on this nonsense that there is a shortage of U.S. IT workers.

You couple the lobbying efforts of Mark Zuckerberg and his buddies with the H-1B Visa scams that operate with impunity right now, and the result will be reduced wages for Americans. For both citizens and our current immigrants.

Our immigration policy is a mess. It is not going to be improved by the current immigration bill that was recently passed by the Senate. This should not be surprising to anyone paying attention to Washington. It is difficult to name one single piece of recent legislation from Washington that has improved any thing.

HT: Crimson Reach

Diane Lane to play Hillary

I may have found the first thing with Diane Lane that I won’t be able to watch.

One night I came home late from work and saw that my wife was watching Under the Tuscan Sun. I just sat down and started watching it with her. She remarked that she was surprised that I would watch such a movie. I replied, “It has Diane Lane in it. I can watch Diane Lane read the newspaper for two hours.”

I have my doubts about being able to watch Diane Lane play Hillary Clinton. Especially since the miniseries will likely be nothing more than campaign fluff (it is going to be on NBC) It won’t be a realistic look at the sorts of scummy people that are our nation’s political class.

Here’s one criteria for immigration we won’t look at

New Zealand Deports Overweight Chef.

I’m in favor of having a another quiet period on immigration. Sort of like what we had from the ’20’s to the ’60’s. I think it would be good for the country to more fully assimilate the people we’ve let in, and those we didn’t “let” in, before we continue to allow even more immigration.

But if we are going to have more immigration, can we at least have a conversation, a real conversation, about the “type” of people we let in? How about requiring language skills? How about requiring a certain level of income or savings? How about letting people that have certain skills that would be nice to have here or are in short supply here? (Real needed skills, not skills Mark Zuckerberg claims are in short supply.) What about age restrictions? You know, no old people that will begin hitting medicare as soon as they are here.

All of the questions asked in the previous paragraph are examples of the restrictions on immigration in place in other countries around the world.

I find it interesting that those nominally of the left want us to emulate other countries often. Let’s copy France’s medical care! Let’s have an industrial policy like China! But they never mention the immigration restrictions of other countries. Hey! Try getting into countries like Japan or South Korea. Unless you are there on a temporary work permit teaching English, I don’t think they want you. For any reason.

I spent nine months in Mauritius. I was in possession of a two year work permit while there. It was employer sponsored. I had the job before I went there (unlike what is the case with most of our immigrants). That country was beautiful. It is a tropical island. A very good job there would have a salary between the equivalent of $30,000 t0 $50,000 per year. Not a whole lot. But at that level of pay you could live within a few hundred yards of the beach. By this I mean have your own place and nice neighbors. It wouldn’t be like here in the U.S. where to live near the beach on that kind of money you would need roommates and have low lifes for neighbors. So what you find in Mauritius is that they are not particularly interested in having Americans that want to live there show up and take a job that could have been filled by a local. You are welcome in Mauritius if an employer has recruited you. You are also welcome in Mauritius if you bring a big bag of money. You are not welcome in Mauritius if you show up with no money or no plan.

Why should we be any different than Mauritius, or most other countries?

This Can’t Be Right. Can It?

Vatican offers ‘time off purgatory’ to followers of Pope Francis tweets.

It is from the Guardian, which I strongly suspect is getting something wrong here, but I’m not going to find out for myself. I’m just going to pass it along.

Montana man injured when bridge jumper lands on him

A western Montana man floating on an inner tube suffered broken bones in his legs and torn ligaments in his knees when another man jumped from a bridge and landed in his lap.

via Montana man injured when bridge jumper lands on him.

Drones are enforcing the speed limit!

In Marin County:


The signs were put up by pranksters. But the day is coming. You can take that to the bank. Cops are lazy. They would much rather sit in a comfy chair with coffee and donuts writing tickets than going out and actually catching speeders. Just notice that the speed traps occur more frequently on nice days.

North Carolina Ends Tenure, Pay Increases For Higher Degrees

North Carolina Ends Tenure, Pay Increases For Higher Degrees.

This is another step the big change that is going happening in public education. You may think that this will be driven by cold heartless Republicans that hate your children. I happen to think it will really accelerate when municipalities figure out how much tax revenue will be available to them once the public schools are hollowed out.

Do I need to provide with more details on my thoughts?