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The Devil cuts ties with Saban

From Fake Sports Center. It made me laugh.

Of course you should also listen to the Auburn radio call. That website is kind of annoying, but still, what a great call.

The New Hunger Games Movie Review by Steve Sailer

You can, if you are just a little bit interested, parse most of what Steve Sailer writes about in the last paragraph of his movie review at Taki’s Magazine:

Conversely, the movie’s portrayal of West Virginians is straight out of a Works Progress Administration writers’ project. The mountaineers are all hardworking coal miners. Nobody is on disability due to morbid obesity. The working class isn’t trapped in a web of invisible debt, they aren’t having their heavy industry jobs outsourced, nor are they having new populations insourced. In other words, there’s little to unsettle contemporary viewers in The Hunger Games.

Read the whole thing at Taki’s Magazine.

I find Sailer’s ideas very interesting. But then I’m an under employed 53 year old white male that lives dangerously close to a sea of Section 8 apartment complexes. I am the target demographic of his web site. He’s linked on the right.

Sriracha hot sauce company in trouble

Best stock up now.

 It won’t see much use today, maybe for breakfast. on the eggs, don’tcha know, but not much else.

The WKRP in Cincinnati Turkey Drop

A repost:

From Hulu, here is the entire episode:

For those of you who remember the episode, here is one of many youtube cuts that boils  the whole thing down to its essential core:

Now I’m going to go find the Chinese food episode from Bob Newhart.

Bob did a really good job of managing his property. His stuff is not available for free.

Cooking your Turkey

This woman has the right idea:

“Just put the turkey in the fucking oven.”

Again, the hat tip goes to Gerard.

Really, as someone that has cooked the turkey for family gatherings for over 20 years, it won’t turn out perfect and, because it’s turkey, it will taste like cardboard. The drinks are the key to the whole thing. We are having a smoked turkey. To go with that we are going to have afternoon cocktails (during the Cowboy game) that will include cranberry margaritas. I’m also going to do a leg of lamb, so we’ll also have red wine and tasty beer with dinner. The key to a good Thanksgiving dinner is managing your guest’s alcohol consumption.

Monument Valley



We were supposed to take a family vacation there a year or two ago. The fact that we didn’t is probably my fault.

HT: Gerard

Find the Invisible Cow

Find the Invisible Cow.

Sippican Cottage

The guy knows what he’s talking about:

Everyone that knew what they were doing are all gone, driven out in a tide of superfluousness, and we’re going to have to do it ourselves if we want it done at all. I can tell you that “the experts” in these matters don’t know squat about what makes a pleasant place to live in. The “experts” built UMASS Dartmouth, and teach there. By the mark of that beast you should know them. You’ve been told  that building and repairing a house is an arcane, complicated business left to professionals. You’re warned never to try anything substantial to repair your house. They tell you to change out the kitchen counters and the tile like they’re underwear, spending the same money over and over again, but the rest of the house is as complicated as the building code is. No it’s not. In my experience, if it’s in your house, and it’s fussy or complicated, it’s bad and you don’t want it. A good house is simpler than a bad house, and that rule of thumb gets truer every day.

via Sippican Cottage.

Elon University Offering Masturbation Course

Check it out. It’s true.

My kids won’t be attending.


It’s where your teenage son thinks he wants to work. Just in case you didn’t know.