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‘The Hitch’- Christopher Hitchens documentary on Vimeo

I always found Hitchens interesting. I’ve not watched this yet. You know… Sunday morning, I need to peruse lots of stuff today… Can’t sit and watch 82 plus minutes of anything…

Just trying to spread the word.

Vimeo lets you download stuff…


Elvis is still cool

I wonder how he made this video:

I mean he’s dead and everything, right?

My New Favorite Band

Lake Street Dive:

I actually paid for their latest album: Bad Self Portraits.

Bill Belichick watches the last two minutes of a World Cup game

From a kinda funny series by Steve Sailer:


Steve has moved his blog to the Unz Review site. You can find him here: Steve Sailer. Which reminds me I need to fix the link over on the right.

Oh, and even though I think I’ll be looking a little like Bill, I’ll have the game on tomorrow night as there ain’t much else going on.

Sharp LC-48LE551U 48-inch Aquos HD

$500! Simply amazing!


15 Myths Millennials Accept as Fact

The Ace believes some of this crap.

Particularly this one:


Whether you cut your dick off or just start saying “I’m a woman,” that doesn’t mean you’re a woman. That trivializes what it is to be a woman. These mythical creatures can create life. You can’t just throw on a wig and yell “Me too.” That’s sexist.

I’ve done something wrong when my daughter thinks that people can declare their “gender.” As if sex and gender are different…

Barack Obama’s Unfortunate New Movie

It’s The Blaze, but check out the photo from Mad Magazine.

Yeah, it’s from Instapundit, but it is still funny.