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Twelve Words

Just a reblog from David Thompson: Twelve Words.

I’m doing this just so I can use his tag for this post.

Lewis & Clark

The Deuce won’t be going there.

From Sailer

Sailer is a national treasure. He deserves a much wider readership. A small sample:

How can the New York Times and the Obama Administration do their job of telling you what to think about this Defining Event of our Times when the local cops are free to release a security camera video on the Internet for the whole world to view? It’s just not fair: the Obama / Media Industrial Complex has all these highly expensive methods and minions for the engineering of human souls; yet a few wreckers at the local police force can undermine all that power and prestige just by posting evidence on Youtube.

Go read the whole thing. Go spend hours over there. Very enjoyable stuff. The comments are often great too.

Robin Williams


But you know what? Not funny. Not once…



WHAT WOULD HAMAS DO, IF IT COULD DO WHATEVER IT WANTED? As I’ve said, if Gaza turned out like Hamas wants, it would look a lot like the Islamic State in Iraq. If it turned out like Israel wants, it would look a lot like Santa Monica.

Insty is very witty. But you know what? Gaza should look like Santa Monica. Hell, I’d settle for Ocean Beach…

Another Side of Bob Dylan

Was released fifty years ago today.

The album includes My Back Pages. He was only 23 when he wrote that song.

There is an incredible body of work by Dylan that begins around here, maybe earlier, and goes all the way through to at least the late 70’s. I guess each Dylan fan will have his own span of years for his greatness.

As Long As We’re Posting Big Audio Dynamite…

This one, from 1985, was prophetic:

Hit the record stores just as the whole AIDS thing went into full bloom. This song never got the airplay it deserved.

From the comments…

On a post at Steve Sailer’s blog

Good stuff.

It might have been a reach to tie this to immigration, but yeah… Immigration will cure all of our ills.

Danced to this one a lot back in the day. I know I’m giving away my age. Oh well…

So There is a Playlist on my iPod…

Called my “Top Rated,” it includes songs I didn’t even know I owned…

Including this beauty from the ’80’s:

Like the gals in Banarama, Chrissy Amphlett was the object of a crush. A true contemporary of mine, as far as age anyway… I was saddened to read of her demise.

One Last One…

From Lake Street Dive. A cover of I Want You Back:

When I tell people that I consider this Michael Jackson’s best song, they often look at me like I’m some sort of short bus rider. But it is true, this is MJ’s best tune.