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Sensible Immigration Talk From a 16 Year Old

That is sensible talk about a point system. If we are to have immigration, let’s put in place a system that favors skilled and educated people over the unskilled and uneducated.

Reina del Cid

Posted before, but oddly compelling.

David Thompson: Because this simply can’t be posted too often

Fuck the Patriarchy

David Thompson

Go read the whole post and the comments. David has a really wonderful little community over there.

Son of a Bitch

Good tune.

Winner of national transgender beauty pageant stripped of her title because she was ‘not transgender enough’

Apparently drag queens are not really transgender.

People are so effed up. And who has the time to sort through the differences between drag queens and man-to-woman transgenders?

I confess to a giggle or two while reading the article.