The Skipper…

We all remember The Skipper, don’t we?  The leader of that ill fated three hour tour?

It must have been about 1988.  My roommate and I were reading the paper on a Saturday morning while drinking coffee.  It was a Saturday morning in the spring and it was really nice out.  I spotted an advertisement for a boat show at the Arlington Convention Center.  The ad touted an appearance by Alan Hale, Jr., the actor that played the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island.  He was scheduled to appear that afternoon.

I read this out loud, and said we should go to the boat show and see the Skipper.

Woody said, half joking, “Yeah, that’s a good idea, maybe we can get our picture taken with him.”

I laughed, then said, “That’s a good idea.  We get a picture with him and then we can make it into a Christmas card.”

Woody laughed, by this time we were quite amused with ourselves, and said, “It could say Merry Christmas from Mike, Woody and The Skipper!”

More laughter.

Then a long pause…

I put the paper down, looked across the room at Woody, and said, “Let’s do it.  I’ve got film in my camera.”  (Yes this was back in the days when you could still buy Kodachrome.)

We laughed the whole way over to the Arlington Convention Center, we were stupid giddy with the cleverness of our idea.  We had to stand in line for about half an hour.  When we got to the front, we asked Mr Hale (RIP), if we could have our picture taken with him.  He gave us a big smile and said, “Sure!”

I can’t find the Christmas card anymore, but I did come across the picture:

If you know me today; that is one funny looking picture.  I’m way better looking now, just ask me.

It’s a good thing this blog is somewhat anonymous, as I’ve just embarrassed the crap out of my kids.

My wife is long past the stage where she is embarrassed by my antics.

Woody?  He’s in the seminary.  On his way to becoming a priest.  I hope the Bishop doesn’t see this.

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