I ran my own business for seven plus years…

Now I work at Directional U.  I am in admissions.  Check out the attitude from an e-mail I just received:

Also, if your job is mostly to point people to the website, then I apologize for all of the questions. The website is not organized in a way that makes perusing it easy and time effective for me, so I just thought I would ask an admissions professional to help me with my queries.

This was pulled from an e-mail I received from a prospective student.  This student wants to be admitted to a graduate business program.  She thinks that completing this program will dramatically improve her employment prospects.  With an attitude like that, I should just tell here the truth and tell her to not bother coming here.  She will be wasting her time and money.  If you pull that type of attitude with someone that can make certain you are not admitted to the program, what are they going to be like as an employee?

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