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In order to have more information about my current location (this is tough as I don’t know French), I continue to read the blogs that I have had in my reader for some time.

I have enjoyed my two weeks without US news.  I had, about two years ago, largely quit watching TV and also had pretty much stopped reading the local paper.  I find that the news just clouds my thinking about more important topics such as family and work.  I’ve noticed there is a big flap going on right now about the release of new poverty statistics.  I’m certain that if you wanted you could find all sorts of talking heads yelling sound bites about these numbers on CNN and Fox.  To which I would say, if anybody was listening, so what?

I will point you to wintercow20 at The Unbroken Window:

Isn’t it one of “our” core beliefs that the role of the state has been advancing during the last 40 years? Isn’t it our contention that despite a few visible moves toward deregulation that the economy is far more cartelized, credentialized and regulated than 40 years ago? Isn’t it “our” contention that welfare programs have not worked, that the state education system is bloated and inefficient, that the health care system is far from being market oriented (or even market paid for), that the tentacles of governments at all levels are reaching into places no one in their right mind would ever imagine, that immigration policy is a disaster, and so on and on and on?

If that is what we truly believe, then it is completely shocking that the reaction to the current data (and the data coming out for the past decade or so) has not been, “Exactly, what else would you expect?”

The stagnant nature of the US economy is something a classical liberal should expect given the interventionist nature of our federal government.  While most policies are implemented with the best of intentions, insufficient thought is given to how the policies might be gamed, abused, or worse, how they might prevent good people going about accomplishing good things.  Just having to ask permission of a government official to launch a new enterprise has an effect on the economy at the margin.

If we should be so lucky at to have a presidential candidate make the same point in a debate, I can only imagine the howls of protest from the statists.  Remember, Teams Coke and Pepsi are both statists.  There are no real liberals on the national stage.

As always, go read the whole thing.

It has occurred to me that I may now, since I have pointed a lot of people to the blog because of my move to the Island, that you are being exposed to my political crankiness as never before.  Well, welcome to the site!  I hope that I might, at least, get you to think about the second and third order effects of your favorite government policies.

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