This sounds so familiar…

The noise of a family argument/discussion.  Discussion, of course being the polite term.

I have little room in a guest house.  There are two or three other suites along with the caretaker’s apartment in this little complex.  The place appears to be popular with families that live in the island’s interior.  They come here for the weekend and do the sorts of things the “real” tourists do, such as the boat ride with the dolphins.

The first weekend I was here was a religious holiday and the people here were largely family members of the caretaker.  Last weekend it was a very nice family.

This weekend, wow.  I don’t know what to say.  It’s like my wife’s family has moved in and are three or four bottles of vodka into the evening.

It sounds a lot like the night Diane call me a bigot.  It’s not like the night she called me a Nazi; that night was relatively quite.  No, it is more like the night Diane called me a bigot.  Of course I can’t understand a word that is being said, they are all yelling in French.

Since they are so loud and it’s only 10:00pm, maybe they’ll quite down early so I can get some sleep.

3 Responses to “This sounds so familiar…”

  1. Wwe says:

    Gee, I hope they “quiet” down quite a bit! 😉

    P.S. Answer the email I sent the Admin about the great and mighty oz accessing the site (or not).

    • admin says:

      I have answered the e-mail to info. Got a bounce back once. Maybe you’ll get it twice. Everybody, even high powered administrators at the U, are welcome to read the blog.

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