It’s been awhile…

Since I’ve done a “We Get Students” post.

Here at Island U, we provide all of our students with an internship.  Yes, all of them.  We have a very dedicated group of people that line up these internships.  We do screen the students for skills before sending them out on interviews, but if we missed the mark and sent them on an interview that they fail at, we can still find them something.

We have a group of students that came here from another country.  They have told us they were promised part time jobs that would have a salary that is higher than the median monthly wage of the country!

I was struck dumbfounded.

Fortunately this is a small group and we’ll be able to handle them.  I can’t say that I hate to be the one to disappoint them, but I have to laugh at their naivety.

Really, what were they expecting.  According to the CIA World Fact Book, the country Island U is located in is 10 times wealthier on a per capita basis than the country the students came form.

As a business school it is clear we have our challenges in front of us.

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