For some perspective…

On Penn State, and those that will posit that it is a good idea to keep men away from children, and you know we’ll hear from them.  I give you the great Mungowitz from Kids Prefer Cheese:

Women are very strange. They have plenty of good reasons to dislike men. Why are they making up absurd new reasons?

When I went through my security check to become a volunteer at my child’s school, something I had to do because they “required” that you volunteer, I was asked why I wanted to work with other people’s children.  I replied, “I don’t, you’re forcing me to do this.  I barely like my own children, I really could care less about other people’s kids.”  I guess that was the right answer as they cleared me and gave me a badge.  I could write multiple posts about that, it was the dumbest program in which I have ever participated.


4 Responses to “For some perspective…”

  • You barely like your own kids??? Really?

  • the required volunteer time in lieu of more fees – it is a tax paid in labor. The status of a volunteer, requires a background check and training to spot sexual predators to avoid some very nasty people and consequences…. BTW if you do not like kids – use you time to do clean up work after events at the school – so you can be with the like minded….

    • No shit. You either don’t have a sense a humor, or missed the entire point of the post. The required volunteer is not a volunteer. It perverts the meaning of the word. Call it something else. Don’t call me a volunteer, because I am not a volunteer.

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