Since I seem to be logging into Facebook more often than ever before (it’s amazing what no TV will allow time for), I’ve been thinking about my so called Facebook friends. Most of these people are from my past. People that I’ve not communicated with for years. Without Facebook I would really have no connection to them. When I log in to pass some time during the evening, I’m really tempted to comment on the various posts that show up in my news feed, but have so far held my smart ass comments in abeyance.

But today, I noticed a friend of mine (a real friend, not just a Facebook friend) commenting on how he’s lost another friend. He suspects it is some sort of comment he’s recently made that drove someone off. I find that somewhat surprising. Since I’ve linked my blog to my Facebook account, I’ve received very few additional comments. I’ve detected very few additional readers to my blog. I know I’m a political crank and that sometimes come through in my blog posts. Maybe that’s enough of my personality for my Facebook friends. Maybe they’ve already unsubscribed to my status updates in Facebook, thereby protecting themselves from by blog posts.

So Chris, I’m ready to have a contest. I’m now ready to start making the comments on the status updates that amuse me. I won’t be excessively mean, just my normal ornery self. Do you want to see who can drive off the most Facebook friends during the month of January? I have 98 Facebook friends, I don’t know your count. We can have a contest over either actual numbers or percentages.

Are you up for it?

Let’s find out who really knows us.

4 Responses to “Facebook…”

  • Ha! I missed this before when I checked in last. I was actually being a tad sarcastic in my concern that I’d lost a friend- but it’s true I have no idea who it was. There are people on my list that were recommended by other friends as networking contacts (this was before we realized FB is more ‘happy hour’ than business) who have never even posted to my knowledge. I’ve thought about purging the list to get rid of the lurkers anyway.

    Aside from that, I do love a good flamewar. Especially if it’s with a really stupid person. 😀

    • OK, I’ll go first. What started this was a post one of my high school classmates put on her wall about knitting. It made me realize that I, even at once a week or so, am wasting time on facebook. I could instead be trying to improve my writing on my own blog, working on my French or reading something either entertaining or educational. I really have the lamest facebook friends (for the most part, there are exceptions) and there is not much of interest to me there. So I’m on my way out. I just thought I would go out having a little fun.

  • Mike,

    I have to tell you….. and this DOESN’T mean I’m anyway as mean as you. But I have 14 facebook friends. I have enough and don’t want anymore.

    Merry Christmas!

    • You’re probably doing it right.

      I opened my facebook account just to spy on Katherine when she opened hers. I made the mistake of putting where and when I graduated from high school in my profile. I opened the account at midnight on a Saturday. By 7:00am Sunday morning (got up early to go to church) I had over a dozen friend request from people I went to high school with. It’s kind of been down hill from there. I did go through a round of sending out friend requests when I moved here, thinking it would help keep me in touch with home. It hasn’t really worked out that way.

      I find having this blog much more enjoyable. It’s a much cleaner system for putting up on the web the things that interest me.

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