I don’t have…

Much of a social life here on the island.

I blame two things for this situation: one, I work all the time; two, there is no pub/bar culture here. There is nobody in the bars at night. Oh, yes there are a few nightclubs along the beach that get quite crowded with youngsters hopping up and down to sega music (and a surprising number of these people are gay, which I didn’t expect in such an otherwise very conservative society). I’m too old for that crap.

I could also put more effort into learning French. That might help, but not too much as most everyone speaks decent English.

But I think I have a real clue as to why I don’t have many friends here. It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon on a three day holiday weekend and I’m sitting on my terrace readingĀ The Box. And I’m really enjoying the book. I actually find the book entertaining.

2 Responses to “I don’t have…”

  1. Rakia Johnson says:

    I just read what The Box is about and realize this means you’re a nerd and not very social…how you doing?

    • Mike says:

      Things are going well. I’ve been quite busy. Which is a good thing as you can see that from my reading list that I don’t have much in the way of social skills.