I haven’t been paid for over two months

I currently have half a tank of gas and the equivalent of about $115.00. I’m past due on the rent for my apartment. The rental car payment is due on Thursday.

That was what the clip from Apocalypse Now was about. I’m never getting out of the boat that is the United States ever again.

For some crazy reason I’ve been still protecting the reputation of the school I work for. I still am, by not naming it here and making this problem google visible. I’ve still not named the island, for the same reason. Foolish? Probably, but I’m not yet interested in ruining the school as there will hopefully be others that will still work there after I’m gone.

My boss has lied to me innumerable times about when I’ll get paid. I am owed just shy of $28,000.00. I am also owed a plane ticket back to Dallas.

The original plan was that I would not be using that plane ticket for a few years. It now looks like that plane ticket won’t come fast enough.

I’ve been in contact with attorneys. The reality though is that no one here much cares about a dispute between an American and an Indian.

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