Getting some on the side

Something I have found interesting while here on the island is that there is some part of the Google algorithm that clearly wants to make cheating on my wife easier. (In case you have any doubts, no I haven’t.)

When I go through my feeds on Google reader, I am bombarded with advertisements for dating sites that specialize in women from all sorts of exotic locales. Brazilian, Colombian, Vietnamese, etc. Surprisingly, there have been no advertisements suggesting it will be easy to meet women where I’m actually located (Business opportunity?). I’ve not been browsing through web sites like this, so why the advertisements? I do read a lot about higher education, since that is the field I’m in, so I understand why I get advertisements for universities and colleges. I buy lots of books for my Kindle, so I understand all the advertisements from Amazon. All I can figure out is that my search history on Google has pegged me as a white man that is out of the U.S. That fact, and the knowledge they have about my current location through the IP address, Google thinks I am a good prospect for services that will help me get a little on the side.

I wonder what percentage of Google’s revenue is derived from advertising directed towards the unfaithful. It probably gets right up there with the revenue they get from porn.

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