Adjusting to Life in Dallas

Now that I’ve been back home for a little over two weeks, I am finally getting settled back in to life here in Dallas.

I’ve gone by and visited with the good people at Directional U. It was nice to see them again.

I’ve also gone out with the old hockey team after a recent game. It was almost as if I hadn’t been gone for nine months. They still give me undeserved shit. But I don’t think I’d have it any other way.

I am still adjusting to driving on the right. I continue to look over my left shoulder when backing up. I then notice that something is not correct about the view and then turn and look over my right shoulder. I’ve only driven on the left side of the road a few times, and only when there wasn’t any other traffic present.

It has been odd to have been, just last month, living one life and then just unplugging myself from that and coming home. We are all adjusting to my being back in Dallas. Just last night the Deuce was complaining about something I did. He started his complaint with, “Mom doesn’t do it this way.” I of course reminded him that I’m not Mom. He then said, “But you’ve been gone for nine months!”

I just told him to “get used to it Bud, I’m home.”

I continue to exchange e-mails with my island friends. I miss several of them a great deal. We were having fun together. I was really living a privileged life on the island. I went out for dinner often. I went out for drinks often (probably too much). I could go fishing without having to check the sports schedule of the Deuce. It was really quite nice.

But being back home is nicer. I am enjoying seeing my Dallas friends again. I missed them more than I realized.

I’m back in the kitchen business. I’m going to make a serious run at it this time. I think the opportunity is a really good one.

I’ve still not told many of my island friends about the blog. I’ve told a few, so word will slowly leak out. I guess I’ll continue to keep the name of the school and the island out of the blog as I don’t want it to be easily found by the students (existing and potential). But I will still write about my experiences there. Some on the island won’t like what I have to say. Oh well.

And there is one other thing: Hockey. The Stanley Cup Finals are on. Game five tonight. I’ll be watching. God I missed watching hockey. I can only take so much football. I still don’t understand cricket. But I bet there are precious few islanders that would understand baseball.

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