Vegetarians kill animals

Ordering the vegetarian meal? There’s more animal blood on your hands.

From the article:

Producing protein from wheat means ploughing pasture land and planting it with seed. Anyone who has sat on a ploughing tractor knows the predatory birds that follow you all day are not there because they have nothing better to do. Ploughing and harvesting kill small mammals, snakes, lizards and other animals in vast numbers. In addition, millions of mice are poisoned in grain storage facilities every year.

But I bet the vegetarians don’t care much about the mice and snakes.

Please do note that I’m aware that the article is about Australian agriculture and that there beef is almost completely fed on grazing lands. They do not have the feed lots that we have in the U.S. were cattle are fattened on corn before being slaughtered. This muddies the picture a little for the vegetarians.

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