Tuna Pizza

From The Mid-Century Menu, I found this delightful recipe: Tuna Pizza.

The source of the recipe:


 You just need to go read the whole post. The picture is from a 1958 magazine ad. As you can see from the recipe, it looks just awful. According to Ruth, who runs The Mid-Century Menu it is awful. From the photos of her husband attempting to eat the pizza, you can just see and smell the awful.

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2 Responses to “Tuna Pizza”

  1. Richard says:

    When I was a Marine stationed in Okinawa, the local Pizza Place would serve Tuna and Corn pizzas as part of the lunch buffet.

    • Mike says:

      You’re one up on me. I never had the opportunity to serve our nation in Okinawa. During the Cold War of ’82 to ’85, the Marines had me in Southern California.

      Tuna and corn? My stomach is turning at the thought.