Gerard on Gay Marriage

In a great post on the inevitability of gay marriage, Gerard goes on to write about the also inevitable coming wave in gay divorce. One part that I think he’ll get exactly right:

Children adopted by gay male couples will probably be treated in a kindly and caring manner during the divorce, but when it comes to the pets, get ready for the mother of all cat-fights over the puppy or the pussy.

Children born to lesbian couples will probably fare less well. Besides a lifelong predilection for comfortable shoes, the best they can hope for is for the courts to okay that they can, should they elect to do so, live with their sperm donor.

You only have to possess a modicum experience with a caring mother to know that last paragraph is true.

But Gerard also points the way to what could certainly be one of the best things to happen to the entertainment industry in years:

“Gay Divorce Court!” would be a reality show with more legs than a queer centipede. “Gay Divorce Court!” is appointment television that could launch a million office pools, and probably some Vegas-sized lines for the inevitable Brad Pitt vs. Tom Cruise de-fornication fiasco.

This post was put up Gerard originally in 2006. It reads as though it were written yesterday. As is said, do go read the whole thing.

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