The Job Search

When I got back from the island (there is something else to post about, I could tell actual stories of the people and the island), I started almost immediately doing contract work for a local kitchen design studio. It was close to being an employee, but I paid my own taxes and could pretty much, not totally, come an go as I pleased, the usual contractor type of work conditions. Also, I used my own tools. Important stuff for the IRS these days. My own tools being primarily the laptop and associated software. On the rare occasion I was doing craft work, I also used my own tools there.

That worked dried up at the end of March.

So I’m now back in job search mode.

This is my third run through this since December of 2008.

It’s not fun.

I don’t lay out by the pool all day drinking beer (although the weather is getting nice enough to do so). I actually spend an inordinate amount of time online looking for work and other opportunities.

The job market sucks. It is dysfunctional. See theĀ post below on HR. My experience is just as that professor from Northeastern has found. If you’ve been unemployed for more than six months, no one is going to call. Since my resume says I was last employed in Mauritius, it looks as though I’ve been out of work for almost a year. A death sentence.

So I will try to write something everyday to keep you abreast of the job search.


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