Voting Sucks

I did mention this, maybe not in such strong language, below.

wintercow20 says it way better than I can:

And remember that both Team Nike and Team Reebok have been and continue to be the “board of directors” of the richest “country” in human history, and cannot even scratch the surface of a problem that they blithely exclaim is the most serious one facing our country. Show me a real company that would still exist with that kind of track record? Show me a real company that would get a single soul to show up for its annual picnic on the first Tuesday of November and I will show you a dystopian novel written by the most miserable person who ever lived.

It’s about healthcare.  We really do live in a ridiculous country.  So many people are going to vote today and it will make so little difference.

I mention Team Coke and Team Pepsi below.  I like that wintercow20 uses Team Reebok and Team Nike.  Conveys exactly the same message.

Hat tip: Arnold Kling.

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