The Politicized Life Is Destroying Society

What I am saying is that engaging in such behavior—politicizing every aspect of your life, allowing politics to determine your every move, and judging everyone you meet online and in person by how stridently they agree with the positions you support—is immensely, horribly destructive to the very fabric of our society. It inspires mistrust, hate, and fear. It tears apart the polity.

via The Politicized Life Is Destroying Society | Washington Free Beacon.

I find this to be frustrating too. I worked with a guy that only wanted to serve Democrats. He really thought Republicans were vile people. I would always laugh at him and say, “their money is green, what do I care of their politics?”

I am also frustrated by how often strangers, say people that walked into the various kitchen showrooms I’ve worked in, will say things attempting to gain a response from me that indicates I’m part of their tribe. I mostly don’t care for the Team Blue, Team Red aspect of politics and don’t want it to become an aspect of any relationship I have with people.

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