Meat giant Cargill, refugees, and the town folk of Ft. Morgan are one big happy family

The Open Borders people think this is a good thing:

We learn that 2/3 of its 2,100 employees are Hispanic and 1/3 are East African (Somali mostly) and a Cargill representative leads us to believe that they are not choosing immigrants over American workers.   Huh?  The trick is trying to figure out how exactly do the immigrant laborers improve their bottom-line.  Is it through cheap wages?  Tax breaks?  A combination of the two.  You know it isn’t because Cargill owners and managers are simply good people out to help the downtrodden of the world!

RTWT at Refugee Resettlement Watch.

This so obviously depresses wages or denies jobs to people that are already in this country. Our fellow citizens. I am increasingly becoming a citizenist. I have grown weary of large rent seeking corporations getting special treatment and advantage from the government. This special treatment not only puts small businesses, like the one I used to own, at a disadvantage relative to the large corporation (in areas that have nothing to do with cost of product or service), it clearly is taking jobs away from our fellow citizens. This activity also depresses the wage scale all the way up the chain.

It will be interesting to follow along with Ann as she works to discover the exact mechanism by which Cargill profits.


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