College Football on New Year’s Day

From the Dallas Morning News Sports section TV listings:

College football

Gator Bowl: Nebraska vs. Georgia 11am ESPN2

Heart of Dallas Bowl: North Texas vs. UNLV 11am ESPNU

Capital One Bowl: South Carolina vs. Wisconsin noon Ch. 8

Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. LSU noon ESPN

Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Michigan State 4:00 ESPN

Fiesta Bowl: UCF vs. Baylor 7:30 ESPN

Does anyone but me spot a problem here? I can’t believe we have public, tax payer supported, institutions of higher learning with sports departments. But if we are going to have these public institutions putting on minor league football games, should we have to pay to watch them play out of town games? I don’t think this will play well with the state legislatures. Someone will complain and notice will be taken.

Out of all the schools listed above, I bet not one of them has a cash flow positive sports department. Maybe LSU. But none of the others. And I do know that Baylor is a private institution.


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