Is a backlash developing against open kitchens?

Yeah, a post on kitchens is long in coming. Here is an article to peruse: Is a backlash developing against open kitchens? | Spaces – Yahoo Homes.

From the article:

While open-kitchen lovers champion the ease of multitasking cooking and entertainment and appreciate how the cook can keep an eye on the kids (or an eye on a favorite TV show), the haters reply that open kitchens do neither effectively. Instead, the detractors say, open kitchens leave guests with an eyeful of kitchen mess, distract cooks, and leave Mom and Dad with no place to hide from their noisy brood.

The haters don’t have any friends and are lousy parents. Open kitchens are the way to go. The kids will leave, sooner than you think, and you’ll soon have the whole space to yourself.

Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve done a post on kitchen design and remodeling, I don’t even have categories set up for those topics. That may have to change.


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