Some kid wants to wear his My Little Pony back pack to school

And we learn from the Education Realist that some people say the school is blaming the victim when it was suggested the kid not where the back pack to school:

So when a boy with a little girl’s backpack faces derision and taunting, the school might see both the taunting and the backpack as problems. But no, the mother takes the story public, and a wide range of idiots go out of their way to denounce the school for not letting a 9 year old boy have a my little pony backpack.

The Education Realist has links to other commenters on this story. If my son wanted to wear such a thing, I would let him, but I’d also tell him he’d better prepare for trouble. I remember what school was like.

The one thing I’ve not read in any of these stories or blog posts about this kid is any mention of his father. It’s got to be really hard on a boy to go through life without a father.


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