Day 1 of the Wuhan Virus Apocalypse

This is going up a day late.

It is my plan to memorialize for future generations the story of how my family and I survived the Wuhan Flu pandemic of 2020. That is optimistic of me, isn’t it? I’m assuming that I’ll survive.

Some of you may argue with my calling Saturday, March 14th, 2020 as the first day of the Apocalypse, but it was the first day of important events like the St. Patrick’s Day Parade being cancelled here in the Metroplex and all across the nation.

I know some of you may say the Apocalypse started on Wednesday the 11th with the NBA’s announcement of the suspension of their season.

I myself might mark it as Thursday the 12th when the more important NHL suspended their season.

But… if you had driven down Greenville yesterday in the rain and saw the few drunks and their sad faces, you too would mark Saturday the 14th as the first day of the Wuhan Apocalypse.

I did do a little survey of the White Rock estate to see how well prepared we are:

The liquor status is completely unsatisfactory.

I’ve been working on the fermentorium:

I have plenty of work to do there. It is funny how that space when done, will be a perfect way to self quarantine. My plan is to do anything and everything with traditional (old world) food preservation there. Brew. Distill. Pickle. Smoke. Salt. Cure. Ferment. Preserve.

But… checking on other items in the house, I did go make this purchase:

Yeah… some mono and some bullets.

I’m ready now.

Ready for everything except the coming economic disaster. I’m going to be working without commissions for several months. I can feel it coming. Rich people (“rich people” being a phrase that will be undefined by me for a bit), the people that started this with their international business and ski travel, are going to stay home and sit this out.

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