Day 2 of the Wuhan Apocalypse Addendum

The bars and restaurants in Ohio are closed.

The bars in California are closed.

The bars and restaurants in MA are to go only. The casinos there are closed.

We are being nagged that we are not social distancing enough. That we are not taking this event seriously.

This is becoming a non-falsifiable event. If nothing happens, the government did its job. If the death toll and severe illness numbers rise. If the hospitals become overwhelmed. If the health care system and the economy collapse, it will be because we, the citizens, didn’t do what we were told.

This from the government that gave us three years of Russia Russia Russia. They gave us an impeachment that was idiotic. They have been losing a war in Afghanistan for 19yrs. They set up the 2008 financial melt down. They monetize the budget deficit to the tune of, oh I really don’t know, but maybe $100 billion a day. This is a completely corrupt and incompetent government. The people involved are buffoons and criminals.

Yet… They want us to believe them this time.

And the media is cheer leading for them.

I know it will be years before someone that can be trusted, someone that is disinterested and has no axe to grind will be able to give a reasonable estimate of the additional deaths here in the U.S. do to the Wuhan Flu. Remember 7400 to 7500 people die each day already.

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